Domino’s New “Zero Click” Ordering App May Be A Butt-Dial Disaster Waiting To Happen

We get it, everyone loves pizza, and everyone loves ordering said pies with as little hassle as possible. As if calling, going online, Tweeting, texting, or ordering Amazon Echo’s Alexa to place your order wasn’t easy enough, Domino’s has another option: just open an app. 

The pizza chain unveiled a “Zero Click” ordering app on Wednesday, the latest attempt to eliminate whatever inconvenience pizza lovers might experience while trying to get their hands on cheesy pies.

Much like using Domino’s other “Anywhere” ordering platforms, the Zero Click option involves a little upfront work on your part.

First users must download the Zero Click app, connect it to their Domino’s profile, and create an “Easy Order” option. The easy order is your go-to pizza of choice.

Once that’s done and you’ve got a hankering for pizza, users simply open the app, then wait for the doorbell to ring.

But what if you accidentally open the app, you know, when you give your phone to your seven-year-old niece and she just goes at it?

Domino’s says it’s placed a safeguard on the app for accidental orders. But you’ll have to be quick: there’s a 10-second countdown in which pizza lovers can cancel their order.

While those 10 seconds may suffice to cancel and order for someone who accidentally presses the wrong icon, it’s not as easy to see that you’ve inadvertently opened the app when it’s in your back pocket, or in the hands of a child who doesn’t yet understand the concept of exchanging currency for food.

Given even the slim possibility that you’d unknowingly be on the hook for pizza you didn’t mean to order, we’d recommend staying away from the the Zero Click app and just ordering the old-fashion way — with a pizza emoji in a Tweet.

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