Don’t Leave Your Phone At The Yosemite Riverside Inn

Ok, this one made us laugh. The Yosemite Riverside Inn has a reader’s cell phone…and they can’t seem to get around to sending it back. But they’re so nice about it that Michael doesn’t know what to do. Michael writes:

    Last Thanksgiving weekend my girlfriend and I stayed at the Yosemite Riverside Inn for its proximity to El Capitan and its “Riverside Cabins with Rustic Charm.”…

    Upon entering the park I realized I had left my phone in our ‘cabin’ (read: outhouse with curtains). We called to see if they could mail the phone instead of us driving the two hours back to the inn.

    Them: Yeah we can mail it….

    Me: That’s great.

    Them: For a 15 dollar handling fee.

    Me: You’re kidding. How much handling is it to send a phone?

    Them: 15 dollars worth.

Is it wrong to laugh? More inside.

Michael calls back 3 weeks later:

    Me: It’s me again. I was wondering if you had a chance to mail my phone yet.

    Them: Oh yeah. No. I’ve had a cold.

    Me: Okay.

    Them: A really bad cold.

    Me: Yeah…well…do you think you’ll have a chance to mail it…you know before the end of the year.

    Them: Probably.

Michael calls back 2 weeks later, this time he spoke to a woman:

    Me: Hi, it’s me. Again. I’m wondering if you’re going to mail my phone.

    Them: Oh, that’s funny.

    Me: Is it?

    Them: Yeah I’m looking at the phone right now.

    Me: Hmmm.

    Them: Nice phone.

    Me: Yeah I know. (Pause) So…

    Them: We’ll send it next time we go into a town.

    Me: And that would be….

    Them: Boy I don’t know. Next week. Maybe. It’s been real busy here.

    That was two weeks ago. I want to hate them but I can’t. They’re too nice! But unsure of what to do with this Mayberry-style stonewall I have turned to the wonderful community that is the Consumerist and asked for help.

Boy, Michael, we just don’t know. Maybe if you sent them a postage paid envelope? Anyone else have any suggestions? —MEGHANN MARCO


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  1. Echodork says:

    Drive the two hours and get your phone. Seems clear that that’s what they want you to do anyway.

  2. WindowSeat says:

    Schedule a UPS pick-up.

  3. Falconfire says:

    I would have drove he 2 hours the day AFTER I realized the phone was missing.

    Seriously its just two fucking hours.

  4. Sorenso says:

    Did you come out of Yosemite the way you went in because you should have drove past Cherry Lake Rd on the 120 where the Inn is located (according to the website). I haven’t been up that far in a couple years so I am not sure where the turn is.

    I can understand why it would that a little while to get it mailed, it says (on the site) they are back in the woods a couple miles off of the 120 there, and about 13 from Groveland (the nearest town). But honestly one week to get it mailed would of been a little much, let alone how long it has been now.

    If you took 120 out of Oakdale up the mountain,
    how did you like the Priest Grade? :)

  5. Citron says:

    Is 2 hrs of gas > $15? You can go hiking afterwards! It might be nice!

  6. Johann says:

    If you want the phone, you should drive down and get it. I’d give you even odds that they actually have it.

    I don’t quite see how these people qualify as “nice.” Do I understand it right that Michael sent them the $15 dollars? Charging you $15 to not mail you your phone for two months doesn’t qualify these people as “nice.” Maybe they say nice things, or have a nice demeanor. But they aren’t acting very nice.

  7. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    It sounds to me that they were 2 hours away from the inn when they were at the park….not that they LIVE 2 hours away (I could be wrong). So shipping might be the only option.

    I’d say find some courier service, pay them to go there and pick it up.

  8. Pheos says:

    Did you pay the $15?
    If so then you formed a contract for them send you the phone in exchange for the money. If they haven’t sent the phone they’ve breeched contract. Telling them this may help them see the importance of going into a town a little more often….
    On the other hand it may cause them to refund your money and ‘misplace’ the phone.

  9. This place is well outside the park, in Groveland…if you ever get your phone back, I’d be surprised. At least you didn’t stay in Oakhurst, where you’re more likely to get mugged by a meth dealer from Fresno. In Groveland, all the meth dealers are from Modesto, and are much better behaved.

    And of course, the grand prize of Yosemite lodging has to go to the Cedar Lodge, where you don’t just leave your belongings behind – you leave your life behind.

    Seriously, just send a self-addressed prepaid box. Call and ask nicely for them to place the phone in the box and send it back. If they say no, call the Highway 120 Chamber of Commerce at (800) 449-9120 and ask them why the Riverside inn is encouraging people to get to the park through Mariposa. They’ll get the message.

    (I was hoping I’d get a chance to bash on Delaware North companies for their atrocious in-park, no-compete, jack-up-the-prices accomodations and services in Yosemite Valley. Did you know that four short years ago you could get a wonderful winter brunch in the Ahwahnee hotel for $18.00 a person? It’s $45.00 each now. I guess the ccost of eggs went up….or Delaware North has used it’s in-park monopoly on all concessions to jack up prices.)

  10. Just say something along the lines of “look, I don’t want to come off as a pest or anything but its just that I sent in $15 to have my phone mailed X weeks ago and I jsut really need it. Is there anything I can do to help get it to me faster?”

    You see how that attracts sympathy first, and then the 2nd part is a call to action to do something but because you involve yourself into the equation it doesn’t feel like you are telling them to hurry up.

  11. josh1701 says:

    Any reputable place would have mailed the phone back to Michael (without a handling fee, what a joke!) in hopes of him returning as a guest, and that he would recommend the inn to his family and friends.

    At this point, I don’t see any chance to get the phone back other than by driving to get it in person. Of course, we could all call the inn and tell them we won’t stay there until they return his phone!

  12. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    Perhaps there is a Consumerist reader who can go there and pick it up for him? That would be nice.

  13. Pelagius says:

    When you checked in by any chance did you notice the warm smell of colitas rising up in the air?

  14. XopherMV says:

    Drive there and pick up the phone.

    How was the $15 paid? By credit card? Then it’s chargeback time. That’s a really good way to stick it to them for screwing with you for so long. Once they take that $15, then they only have a couple of days of leeway before they’re supposed to ship your item.

  15. bwv says:

    i got fked for $25 by a tourbus company in New Orleans after leaving my phone on the bus. they had driven all the out-of-town guests to/from the wedding at a plantation an hour away and probably made a bundle. yet i was already at the airport and had little choice but to say “uhh, ok.”

  16. Hoss says:

    Screw it — I wouldn’t drive 2 hrs plus 2 hrs back for anything. This is your justice — Yosemite Riverside Inn is now on the web chit list — most B&Bs would bend over backwards to help you, they didn’t.

    Hopefully you had a wonderful time with your girlfriend — lessens the pain of writing this off.

  17. He ought to call them and ask if it would be easier if he sent a self-addressed USPS priority mail box/envelope. If they really do have to drive into town to get it mailed, it might well be the fastest and easiest way to get the phone back.

    Also, there’s no indication that they’ve charged him yet – it’s entirely possible they’re just as slow at that aspect of this transaction as they have been at the rest of it, so it might be a little premature to freak out about him getting ripped off.

    In any event, he probably shouldn’t expect that a place that rents cabins out in the sticks is going to be run with the effiency of a hotel in the city. It’s a backwoods joint and it gets run at backwoods speed. Such is life.

  18. Kat says:

    That’s laziness, pure and simple. Either drive up and get it or (assuming you sent the $15) call the post office for mail fraud.

  19. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Hmm, perhaps a call to the local constabulary? Just to let them know that the people at the Yosemite Riverside Inn won’t give you the phone back and they kept the $15 you sent them (if, they in fact did that).

    Maybe you’ll find a pleasant officer who would mail the phone back to you.

    I wonder, at some point, if the phone is not returned, does it become “stolen property?”

  20. happyrock says:

    Did you send them 15 dollars? You never really said you did. So if you didn’t then of course there not going to mail your cell back.

    BTW is this $15 on top of postage?

    First off it’s not just shipping costs but rather time and effort to ship your stuff back. Is this a small business because it sounds like it. I’m sure their making tons of money to spare. When do you expect them to do this anyways on there time off? Sure that would be wonderful but hey how many reader love to work on there time off for free? thats why they want $15. Because your left your phone there and it’s a pain in the ass.

    Your best off to take matters into your own hands. Like a UPS pick up. I mean you don’t want to drive 4 hours just pick a cell. how gas would that be anyhow something like $10.00. ? I mean it’s not that bad

    Work in retail and you become bitter at consumers for always wanting everything for free. I mean everything.

  21. kenposan says:

    Perhaps someone should email them a link to this article. Nothing like bad press to wake people up.

  22. emax4 says:

    Bad press and the chargebacks are right, as Xopher stated. First, set your trip odometer to zero, start out with a full tank of gas, then drive to get the thing. Then come home, mark how many miles it took, then fill up the tank with gas again and save that receipt. Add the $15 plus the cost of gas, and have that amount charged back to your credit card. If they can’t do $15 worth of labor to sit on their ass and mail a phone back, lets see how fast they run trying to get the $15 and gas charge back to their credit. Once you’re finished with that, check out every opinion of that place on the web and AAA and briefly explain your story. Forgetting the phone is your responsibility, but not providing courteous customer service is theirs. You think they’d call you if you left a bag of fresh doggy doo in the room before you left?

  23. Icon says:

    Perhaps they haven’t mailed it back yet because their not finished making long distance phone calls.
    I left one at a local Tex-Mex place, called around and found they had it. After picking it up later, I found it had been used. Lucky for me, long distance was free.

  24. sburke says:

    the riverside inn. I don’t capitalize because it doesn’t rate caps. No amenities, and there wasn’t even cell service there! It’s just say NO-semite for me.