Don’t Leave Your Phone At The Yosemite Riverside Inn

Ok, this one made us laugh. The Yosemite Riverside Inn has a reader’s cell phone…and they can’t seem to get around to sending it back. But they’re so nice about it that Michael doesn’t know what to do. Michael writes:

    Last Thanksgiving weekend my girlfriend and I stayed at the Yosemite Riverside Inn for its proximity to El Capitan and its “Riverside Cabins with Rustic Charm.”…

    Upon entering the park I realized I had left my phone in our ‘cabin’ (read: outhouse with curtains). We called to see if they could mail the phone instead of us driving the two hours back to the inn.

    Them: Yeah we can mail it….

    Me: That’s great.

    Them: For a 15 dollar handling fee.

    Me: You’re kidding. How much handling is it to send a phone?

    Them: 15 dollars worth.

Is it wrong to laugh? More inside.

Michael calls back 3 weeks later:

    Me: It’s me again. I was wondering if you had a chance to mail my phone yet.

    Them: Oh yeah. No. I’ve had a cold.

    Me: Okay.

    Them: A really bad cold.

    Me: Yeah…well…do you think you’ll have a chance to mail it…you know before the end of the year.

    Them: Probably.

Michael calls back 2 weeks later, this time he spoke to a woman:

    Me: Hi, it’s me. Again. I’m wondering if you’re going to mail my phone.

    Them: Oh, that’s funny.

    Me: Is it?

    Them: Yeah I’m looking at the phone right now.

    Me: Hmmm.

    Them: Nice phone.

    Me: Yeah I know. (Pause) So…

    Them: We’ll send it next time we go into a town.

    Me: And that would be….

    Them: Boy I don’t know. Next week. Maybe. It’s been real busy here.

    That was two weeks ago. I want to hate them but I can’t. They’re too nice! But unsure of what to do with this Mayberry-style stonewall I have turned to the wonderful community that is the Consumerist and asked for help.

Boy, Michael, we just don’t know. Maybe if you sent them a postage paid envelope? Anyone else have any suggestions? —MEGHANN MARCO