Free Stuff: Choose Your Own Adventure Download for iPod

Choose Your Own Adventure book #1 is now available for download to your iPod…free of charge until Jan 25,2007. From the press release:

    Unlike the typical “one way only” story in a narrated audiobook, the CYOA download goes in countless directions as “you” in the role of main character click on links to select the story’s direction. The video screen allows the user to view full color illustrations, albeit in miniature. R. A. Montgomery, CYOA author and founder, narrates the story in which “you” are a skilled mountain climber on an expedition through the Himalayas in search of the elusive Yeti. Sound effects like the whirl of a helicopter or howling winds enhance the sense of immersion.

    iPod is one of many ways to reach kids,” says Montgomery. “In particular this is an exciting new way to help reading and decision-making skills.”

We loved these books when were small! Do small children have iPods? We are out of touch.—MEGHANN MARCO

Beware! Choose Your Own Adventure #1-The Abominable Snowman is no ordinary audiobook.[PR Web]
Free Download [CYOA]

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