35 Most Outrageous Fees and How to Avoid Them

CNN has broken down ” the most outrageous” fees levied on consumers and how to avoid them. Unsurprisingly, quite a few have to do with travel, banking, and airlines. Paper ticket fees, flight change fees, ATM fees, etc. Some good travel tips are to be had: Southwest airlines doesn’t charge to change a flight, and JetBlue only charges $25-$30.

What fees do you hate?—MEGHANN MARCO

35 Most Outrageous Fees And How to Avoid Them [CNNMoney]


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  1. Mauvaise says:

    “Southwest airlines doesn’t charge to change a flight”

    That’s not to say that you can change your flight without paying extra. They don’t charge you a fee to change the flight, but if there are no more seats in your booking class, you will be charged the difference between the two prices.

    For example: you book on their internet special of, say, $59 one way. You need to change your return trip to an earlier flight. Chances are all seats offered at $59 are sold out, and if the next cheapest open seat is $79, you’ll pay the $20 difference to change your flight. But there won’t be an additional fee on top of that.

  2. musicalnuke says:

    I hate ticket sales outlets (e.g Ticket Master) and their “convenience fees” and “service fees”. They even charge you if you want to print your tickets at home. At home! It’s my electricity, my paper, my ink, my intertubes connection. Why am I paying them to allow me to print from my computer?? Oh, right. Convenience.

  3. weave says:

    The car rental fees at Phoenix Sky Harbor add about 50% to the cost of a car rental (most of it to fund that new stadium out in the west valley near Loop 101). I used to get past it by just renting off-site at a place along the Valley Metro Red Line route and then just hop that bus out there. (right outside of baggage claim, very convenient and took about as much time as a rental shuttle.)

    However, starting about three years ago the off-site rates after taxes were about the same price as the on-site rates. Example, a weekly rental might be $150 plus $70 in taxes at the airport and the same car at the same company is $200 plus $20 in taxes off site.