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Airlines Offering Travel Waivers Ahead Of Hurricane Matthew

Travelers who were planning on flying this week to or from areas affected by Hurricane Matthew, which is currently in the Caribbean and heading toward the U.S. East Coast, may find themselves changing their plans, and some airlines are ready to help by issuing travel waivers. [More]


24-Hour Cancellation And Hold Policies For Major U.S. & International Airlines

Update: In March 2016, American announced that it was phasing out the hold option and transitioning to the 24-hour cancellation window option.


Traveling This Weekend? Airlines Offering Travel Waivers Ahead Of Winter Storm

Traveling This Weekend? Airlines Offering Travel Waivers Ahead Of Winter Storm

Planning on traveling by plane in the next few days? The winter storm rolling across the country this weekend might have something to say about that. Ahead of the storm’s arrival, most U.S. airlines are issuing travel advisories and weather waivers for customers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic who might find their plans ruined by snow, ice, sleet, wind, etc. [More]


Woman Suing Restaurant Known For Throwing Dinner Rolls After She Says She Was Hit In The Head With One

Sometimes, food isn’t enough, and diners want a show. Restaurants know that, including one Missouri spot that’s known for being the “Home of the Throwed Rolls,” which means exactly what you might think: dinner rolls are tossed through the air from servers to guests. But one customer claims things got out of hand when she was hit in the eye with a dinner roll, and she’s now suing over her injuries.


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Facebook Will Include Critics’ Reviews On “Select” Restaurant Pages

In what appears to be another effort to keep its users inside the social media site’s loving embrace, Facebook is reportedly going to include critics’ reviews of restaurants on the pages of “select” establishments in the United States.



Universal Orlando Temporarily Banning Visitors From Bringing In Bottled Water, Won’t Say Why

If you’re planning a trip to Universal Orlando in the near future, leave your bottled water and other beverages at home: In a U-turn from its usual policy allowing visitors to bring their own drinks into Universal CityWalk and other theme areas, the park is putting a temporary ban on carry-in liquids.


Check Your Insurance Before Getting Flu Shot At Walgreens & Other Stores

Check Your Insurance Before Getting Flu Shot At Walgreens & Other Stores

Retail pharmacies are now responsible for around 1-in-5 flu shots given to Americans each year, and many of these stores advertise low-cost or no-cost shots for customers on certain health plans. But a survey of Walgreens locations in New York City and Los Angeles finds that nearly half of the flu shot recipients at these stores are getting bad information about whether their insurance policies cover the cost of the shot. [More]

Best And Worst Places To Buy Tech Gear

Best And Worst Places To Buy Tech Gear

PC World has compiled a list of the best and worst places to buy a range of gadgets, including digital cameras, laptops and printers. While many of the results may not be surprising (Amazon ranked at or near the top in almost every category), there are a few interesting wrinkles, including a Best Buy victory for HDTV shopping.