Want Extra Legroom Or To Sit With Your Kids? Airlines Say ‘Pay Up’

If you’ve booked airline seats for your family or for another group that wants to sit together recently, you might have noticed how few seats were available to you if you’re not an elite member of a loyalty program. It’s not just you: airlines are making changes so that the privilege of deciding where to sit is reserved only for big-spending customers, or travelers willing to pay up for the privilege. [More]


AT&T Raises Phone Upgrade And Activation Fee To $20, Matches Verizon

You may remember just over a week ago when we learned about Verizon’s plans to raise activation fees for new lines or new phones for old lines for a wider variety of their customers. Someone over at AT&T Wireless apparently thought that sounded like a good idea, since the carrier will also raise its upgrade fee to $20. Worse: Verizon won’t impose the fee if you purchase your own phone elsewhere, but AT&T will. [More]


Verizon Will Charge Customers $20 To Upgrade Phones Because They Can

If you’re a Verizon customer planning to upgrade your phone, don’t be surprised when you’re charged an extra fee: as of Monday, April 4, the carrier will charge customers $20 to activate upgraded devices, even if they don’t buy the device from Verizon. Customers who get their phones elsewhere simply get the fee added to their next bill after the upgrade. [More]

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Time Warner Cable Will “Educate” Us All By Charging $2.25 Broadcast Fee

Come sit in a circle, cable customers! Time Warner Cable has something that they want to teach us all. Will they do this bit of customer education by including a shiny brochure in our cable bills, or airing ad spots for subscribers only during our favorite shows? No, no, they have other ways. They’re going to teach us all about how pricey retransmission fees are by imposing extra fees on us. [More]


Airlines Charging Fees To Be Extra Nice Because They Can’t Make Us Pay For Air To Breathe

We’ve come a long way from free luxury: Airlines have run out of finding ways to charge passengers for services that used to be free, like checking a bag or having a place to put your legs, so the newest add-on options are simply treatment upgrades. For a little extra cash, travelers can buy a bit of extra kindness or just a boost back toward the days of yore when airlines actually wanted to do something nice. [More]

Fuel Costs Not Going Up That Fast But Airlines Like Tacking On Surcharges Anyway

Fuel Costs Not Going Up That Fast But Airlines Like Tacking On Surcharges Anyway

What’s funny about math is that sometimes when you take a close look at it, it can tell you a lot about who’s doing the calculating. Fuel surcharges added to ticket prices by airlines have increased twice as fast in the last year as the actual fuel prices they’re supposed to be compensating for. So can you really call them fuel surcharges or just extra charges tacked on to make a dollar off travelers? [More]

Apparently, Any Transaction Can Be 'Foreign'

Apparently, Any Transaction Can Be 'Foreign'

The Internet brings a global marketplace to us as we sit on the couch eating Pop-Tarts while wearing pajama pants. But a world of options brings a world of fees, thanks to our banks. Beth would expect her credit card issuer, Citibank, to assess foreign transaction fees if she were using her card abroad. Not if she were buying a domain name through Yahoo. [More]

Banks Impose Surcharge For Using The Word 'Bank'

Banks Impose Surcharge For Using The Word 'Bank'

As usual, parody news site The Onion has managed to produce fake news that tells the truth better than actual facts can. This week’s radio newsflash: not satisfied with charging us fees to receive statements, use tellers, use ATMs, have accounts, and transfer funds, banks will now automatically charge us seventy-flve cents to use the word “bank.” That sentence cost me $1.50. [More]

American Airlines To Charge Extra For Seats Closest To Exit

American Airlines To Charge Extra For Seats Closest To Exit

In a move that’s sure to screw cast members of The Amazing Race, American Airlines is now charging extra for seats that are closer to the exits. They’re calling this money grab “express seating.” [More]