Can Banks Please Stock Working Pens?

How is it that banks can move millions of dollars in a second over a bit of metal wire, but can’t stock working pens at the branch?

Griping about a recent penless experience at a new Citibank branch, Manhattan Offender says, “While Citibank may be trying to become the Starbucks of banking, perhaps they should keep in mind that Starbucks would never open an outlet and not provide cups. “

Recently we went to deposit a check at a Washington Mutual ATM after hours. All the pens were out of ink. We had to bring our check and deposit envelope across the street, use their pen to sign everything, and come back to WaMu to make the deposit.

A minor quibble? Perhaps. As we ponder the pen, we think, weren’t the floors were kinda dirty? Wasn’t the wastepaper basket left unemptied? And now that we’re on the subject, we don’t like WaMu’s kiosk system. Instead of linear teller windows, you conduct business at these scattered transaction islands. It may be “friendlier, but it makes us feel like we could get robbed from a 270 degree radius.

There was a WaMu branch close to where we used to live. It’s no longer so convenient. Just a few blocks away from our new place is a cluster of name-brand bank’s branch locations. Wonder how their pens are… — BEN POPKEN