PSP Flog Not Greg Meyerkord’s Fault

Greg Meyerkord, the man whose name appears on the PSP flog domain registration, has put up a website to debunk all the haters.

Its title is, “alliwantforxmasistobeleftalone.” To wit:

    “My employment at the Zipatoni co. ended in 2000. While employed by the Zipatoni co. I created a account and used that account to register domain names.The process worked like this:

    1) Account Executives would contact me by phone or email with requests for domains they needed registered.
    2) I would then register the domain names and reply to them in an email that the domains were registered.
    3) I would then snap, clap, and flourish my hands…”

Now that he’s unmasked the banal process, Greg would like a little peace and quiet.

“I’d like to be left alone,” he writes. “The damage has been done. I can’t erase the pages of posts. I can’t be uncalled a douchebag. I can’t be uncalled a lot of names I’ve been called through the years, but at least the people calling me those names had an idea of who I was.”

Beware. The internet has several pairs of meanypants. — BEN POPKEN

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