Freaky Thursday: Comcast & TWC To Sell Cellphones, Verizon To Sell Cable TV

The crumpet dropped from our gnashing maw when we spied these portents.

Verizon To Market Cable Television
Comcast And Time-Warner To Sell Cellphone Service

Communications industry deregulation, this is your play date with destiny.

Theoretically, increased competition will mean lower prices and better service. Verizon we’re okay with, but the Comcast and TimeWarner’s poor cable customer service records bode ill.

Will we have to stay home from work several times in one week just for a technician to come by our house and install a cellphone in our hands? — BEN POPKEN

Comcast and TW Rolling-Out Wireless Services [Teleco Industry News]
Verizon steps into cable fray [Boston Globe] (Thanks to something_amazing!)

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