United: We Might Buy Delta, Too. Er, Instead.

Reuters is reporting that United Airlines has its formerly-bankrupt eyes on Delta as well:

“Analysts see United Airlines as the better partner and likeliest counter bidder for Delta, but the airline was coy about its plans.
“We’re going to do what makes sense for our company, and we’ll be interested to see what happens with US Air and Delta,” UAL CFO Brace said.
United, which analysts say has routes that better complement Delta’s than US Airways’, is expected to act shortly.
“United is going to have to play its hand pretty quick,” said Joe Schwieterman, a transportation expert at DePaul University. [Go Blue Demons] “We could even see a bidding war for Delta in the next few weeks.”

In our experience, Delta is the crappiest airline ever, and we would not want to fly on whoever bought it. Once we were on a Delta flight from D.C. to Chicago and the dumbass pilot (who sounded drunk) announced that due to “a plane having its engine explode over O’Hare” and “some serious technical difficulties with our own plane” we’d be waiting on the ground for at least an hour, but would not be changing planes. The woman behind us started to have a panic attack and kept screaming for a refund. Delta. Ew. —MEGHANN MARCO

United Airlines expected to enter merger frenzy
Plane Makes Emergency Landing At O’Hare After Engine Fire [CBS2 Chicago]


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  1. adamondi says:

    I have never had quite the same horrible customer experience with Delta that everyone else seems to have had, but I can say that every single time I have flown with them, the flights have been delayed by large amounts of time. In fact, when I flew from Salt Lake City (One of their biggest hubs in the U.S.) to Seattle in July, our flight was delayed by over an hour and a half because the flight before us had to switch out a malfunctioning plane. They took our plane and gave it to the other flight, and then couldn’t manage to find a functioning plane to give to us for an hour and a half. Even though SLC is where their main hangar is in the western U.S.

  2. thrillhouse says:

    A bunch of mismanaged, bankrupt companies jockying to buy another mismanaged bankrupt company. A real comforting thought when planning air travel…

  3. TedSez says:

    It makes perfect sense that an airline known for terrible service and rude, unhelpful employees could solve all its problems by buying one that’s even worse.

  4. ValkRaider says:

    United is way way worse than Delta. But Northwest is the cheapest of all the cheapskates. Northwest is like the airline in those southwest commercials, I swear they want to charge you to look at the snack cart.

    United has so many flight delays and cancellations it is outright sad…

    But the worst thing about all the big airlines is not when flights get delayed or cancelled. We all know that shoot happens. But it is their attitude of F*CK OFF YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY YOU PAID FOR US TO BEND YOU OVER.

    If they would just at least act concerned when you are stuck in a crappy airport a thousand miles from home it would make it all at least tolerable.

  5. They took our plane and gave it to the other flight, and then couldn’t manage to find a functioning plane to give to us for an hour and a half. Even though SLC is where their main hangar is in the western U.S.

    Hey – I’m no big fan of the airlines, but preparing a jet for a flight is a pretty complicated task, even if the replacement equipment is sitting in the hangar with a “sanitized for your protection” bow over the cockpit.

    A 90-minute delay for new equipment is about as fast as it’s going to get. Be happy they were able to find a spare jet at all – idle equipment costs a lot of money, and even with sky-high reliability rates for jet engines, some of these planes are 25-30 years old, and there are other important parts which all need to be working properly before you leave the gate.

    As for United and Delta, assets-wise, it’s probably the best marriage that could be made. There’s a lot of fleet commonality, and they’ve each got huge union problems, so in a merger, it’ll be easier for them to jettison all the promises they made to workers over the years and create a new class of aging former mechanics, pilots, and flight attendants who will be living with their children during their golden years.

    You didn’t think those cheap airline tickets came out of the CEO’s salary, did you?

  6. Dr. Eirik says:

    Reminds me of a recent experience on Alaska at Long Beach Airport. We’d been sitting for about 30 minutes when the pilot got on the intercom and announced, “We’re sorry for the delay, but we’ve had a fatality… (pause) in the APU unit…)

    I swear my wife, who is nearly phobic of flying, did not appreciate the word “Fatality” being used. Took about an hour total to get a new APU from America West to start the plane.

  7. LTS! says:

    Well, I just got back from flying United and hope to never experience their services again. In the past few months I have flown Delta, even internationally, and it’s been head and shoulders above United. Unfriendly, uncaring, uncomfortable is about all I can say for the entire trip they were a part of. No delays mind you… it just was nowhere near the service I had received from Delta.

    That and the Airbus A320s that I was on felt like they were going to fall apart any moment.

  8. AcidReign says:

    …..It ought to be illegal for companies in bankruptcy to go out and buy other companies. I guess the stockholders pay for it in the end.

    …..Never flown Delta, but United is bad. It took ’em twelve hours to get me from Birmingham to Chicago, and it appeared to be just because they had only sold a third of the plane, and wanted to combine it with the afternoon flight. And you had to get up with the seat-belt light on and win an argument with the flight attendent to go to the bathroom, due to fake “turbulence.” We also got a 3 oz. shot cup of soda to make sure you had something to hold in your bladder the entire flight.

    …..I’m driving next time. It’ll be a lot quicker.