United: We Might Buy Delta, Too. Er, Instead.

Reuters is reporting that United Airlines has its formerly-bankrupt eyes on Delta as well:

“Analysts see United Airlines as the better partner and likeliest counter bidder for Delta, but the airline was coy about its plans.
“We’re going to do what makes sense for our company, and we’ll be interested to see what happens with US Air and Delta,” UAL CFO Brace said.
United, which analysts say has routes that better complement Delta’s than US Airways’, is expected to act shortly.
“United is going to have to play its hand pretty quick,” said Joe Schwieterman, a transportation expert at DePaul University. [Go Blue Demons] “We could even see a bidding war for Delta in the next few weeks.”

In our experience, Delta is the crappiest airline ever, and we would not want to fly on whoever bought it. Once we were on a Delta flight from D.C. to Chicago and the dumbass pilot (who sounded drunk) announced that due to “a plane having its engine explode over O’Hare” and “some serious technical difficulties with our own plane” we’d be waiting on the ground for at least an hour, but would not be changing planes. The woman behind us started to have a panic attack and kept screaming for a refund. Delta. Ew. —MEGHANN MARCO

United Airlines expected to enter merger frenzy
Plane Makes Emergency Landing At O’Hare After Engine Fire [CBS2 Chicago]

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