Freaky Thursday: Comcast & TWC To Sell Cellphones, Verizon To Sell Cable TV

The crumpet dropped from our gnashing maw when we spied these portents.

Verizon To Market Cable Television
Comcast And Time-Warner To Sell Cellphone Service

Communications industry deregulation, this is your play date with destiny.

Theoretically, increased competition will mean lower prices and better service. Verizon we’re okay with, but the Comcast and TimeWarner’s poor cable customer service records bode ill.

Will we have to stay home from work several times in one week just for a technician to come by our house and install a cellphone in our hands? — BEN POPKEN

Comcast and TW Rolling-Out Wireless Services [Teleco Industry News]
Verizon steps into cable fray [Boston Globe] (Thanks to something_amazing!)


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  1. So Comcast is going to let Verizon use their lines? Oh wait, no that’s right…they don’t have to because some asshat judge ruled that they are “information” lines, not “communication” lines like the phone lines and therefore not subject to anti-trust laws like the telcos.

    So Verizon has to lay out their own infrastructure to provide cable service, which means, as the article stated, basically higher prices than Comcast…

    This isn’t deregulation so much as competition. Deregulation would suggest that Comcast has to share their lines like the telcos do. However, Comcast has about a 40 head start, so don’t look for price wars until Verizon has paid their infrastructure startup costs…in say..oh about 20-30 years.

  2. Mike_ says:

    Competition only brings lower prices when the new services cost less than what’s already on the market. Comcast isn’t looking to compete with other carriers on price. Just look at their VoIP offerings. All they want is a new way to turn your $160 bill into a $220 bill.

  3. FLConsumer says:

    Verizon has been doing cable over fiber optic for almost a year now in some markets. I’ve played with it in Tampa, FL and it was MUCH better than BrightHouse (fmrly Time-Wanker). Cheaper too.

  4. Amy Alkon says:

    Couldn’t they correct what they already do pretty crappily before branching out into other businesses?

  5. mfergel says:

    Richmond, VA is supposed to be one of the first places that Verizon will be offering cable. I don’t know how far along they are in laying lines, but we’ll see how it goes because I’m tired of the cable quality here in Richmond.