Mickey D’s Responds To Flogs

We asked JSH&A for a comment regarding the McDonald’s flogs, and we got it:

Thank you for your email. I do not have a formal comment from McDonald’s for publication, however I can confirm that the blog from the 2004 MONOPOLY at McDonald’s winner has closed, as the MONOPOLY at McDonald’s promotion ended yesterday, October 30.”

Thank you, JSH&A, for confirming that when you go to Mcdmillionwinner, you get a Blogger.com 404 not found.

Also, we would interpret JSH&A’s ability to confirm the closing of one blog as a tacit admission of ownership. Not that we didn’t know that already.

We’ve asked JSH&A to
keep us in mind if McDonald’s develops any thoughts on why the blogs had no official notices on them demarcating that they were official McDonald’s blogs.

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