Beware: Falling Street Lights

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of Chicken Little, well, this time the sky really is falling. There are 1,600 street light fixtures all over the United States that, due to a faulty coupling system, could collapse at any time. Yes, you heard us. Street lights could randomly fall on you.

From the recall notice: “The lighting fixtures could fall from their lamp posts…This poses a risk of injury for persons beneath the lighting fixtures.”

What does this mean for you: These fixtures could be in your apartment complex, in a park, a playground, or you could have had a contractor install them in your yard. They were not available at DIY stores.

For maintenance people, the recall advises: “Persons responsible for maintaining outdoor lighting fixtures or streetlights should immediately cordon off the area underneath each lighting fixture and contact Beacon to receive free retrofit kits.”

Consumers, never leave the house. Sit inside, drink Earl Grey tea and read the Consumerist. It’s the only sensible thing to do.

[via CPSC]

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