Hey Walmart: 4 Dollar Drugs Are No Big Deal

Over at TomPaine.com they’re a little suspicious of Walmart’s PR darling, the $4 generic drug plan. Why?

“Wal-Mart is not discounting generic drugs in general–it offered the $4 price on 291 of the several thousand generic drugs commonly available.

Further, even a casual look at Wal-Mart’s initial list revealed just 124 different drugs (later increased to 143).

So where did the 291 come from? One needn’t have looked past the letter “A” to see: 12 different variations of the common antibiotic amoxicillin. Many other common drugs appear in multiple dosages, including some already available at other stores for less than $4.”

12 flavors of amoxicillin? Doesn’t amoxicillin usually cost like 7.99, anyway?

Also, let us remind you of the fact that Kmart already has a $5 a month generic drug plan. Wow, a whole dollar cheaper? Walmart, what will you think of next?


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  1. AcilletaM says:

    Meijer stores will be offering seven generic antibiotics for free.

  2. prodigal says:

    I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that they use the same strategy as they do with the rest of their products: offering low prices on certain common items to create an impression of being a low-cost, high-savings retailer.

    And given that amoxicillin’s a penicillin derivative, there’s probably a bunch under cloxacillin and ampicillin as well.

  3. I don’t care how many variations of drugs there are, if it causes large pharmaceutical companies to play competitively then we all win.

  4. Daytonna says:

    They may be only advertising a partial truth, but how many retailers can any of you name that advertise “the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

    Yes this may only be 291 prescriptions out of thousands. To me it is 291 more prescriptions at $4.00 per, than they were selling last year. And that is a good thing.

  5. w_boodle says:

    My amoxicillin prescriptions (generic) cost $14.99. So this would be a savings in my community.

  6. ZenZeno says:

    Sure, some other stores are charging less these days, and it’s all because Wal*Mart put the ball in motion. You probably always griped about your Mom’s apple pie too.

  7. randiknott says:

    In my case, I’m disabled and can’t work full time. My husband has the best job he can get in our area, and we make juuuuuust too much for Medicaid. Amoxicillin costs about $12 here. So for some an $8 savings isn’t worth it. For me, it’s the difference between getting my Rx now and waiting another week to get paid.