Hey Walmart: 4 Dollar Drugs Are No Big Deal

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Over at TomPaine.com they're a little suspicious of Walmart's PR darling, the $4 generic drug plan. Why?

Over at TomPaine.com they’re a little suspicious of Walmart’s PR darling, the $4 generic drug plan. Why?

“Wal-Mart is not discounting generic drugs in general–it offered the $4 price on 291 of the several thousand generic drugs commonly available.

Further, even a casual look at Wal-Mart’s initial list revealed just 124 different drugs (later increased to 143).

So where did the 291 come from? One needn’t have looked past the letter “A” to see: 12 different variations of the common antibiotic amoxicillin. Many other common drugs appear in multiple dosages, including some already available at other stores for less than $4.”

12 flavors of amoxicillin? Doesn’t amoxicillin usually cost like 7.99, anyway?

Also, let us remind you of the fact that Kmart already has a $5 a month generic drug plan. Wow, a whole dollar cheaper? Walmart, what will you think of next?

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