Dress Your Dullard Child As A Crapper For Halloween

Spotted by Boing Boing, I have nothing much to add to this description…

    Although som may disagree, the kids Toilet costume is a very funny kids Halloween costume. Additionally, a Child toilet costume is perfect for every potty mouth kid– Use as a modern day Dunce cap!! One size fits most kids size 7-12.

… except, perhaps, “Best worn by a child named John.'”

Child Costume: Toilet [Anytime Costumes]


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  1. Pelagius says:

    Strangely enough, the obligatory fake turd is not included.

  2. Ben Popken says:

    Maybe MAKE will offer a tutorial.

  3. Henrythoreau says:

    Best if you have a child named ‘John”

  4. Clampants says:

    “Trick or…is that fudge…hey, get off me!”

  5. Terri Ann says:

    How to ensure your child is openly mocked at the school Halloween party…
    Step 1. Have them wear this costume
    Step 2. Carry suggested fake turd
    Step 3. On the school bus they go.

  6. aka Cat says:

    Child abuse for the easily amused.

  7. NeonCat says:

    Ensure that your child will have years of therapy, a justifiable homicide defense and/or a good reason to dump your ass in a crappy nursing home when the time comes.

  8. Paramedic says:

    Just unwrap a Baby Ruth candy bar and toss it in the bowl. They also work well floating in the dunking tank.