A Swell Experience With Republic of Tea

Isn’t that note from the Republic of Tea just swell? Oh, sure, it’s probably not really written in a florid hand with a fountain pen. Doubtlessly it was just rattled off with a blue cursive font. But hey, aesthetics count. And it certainly helped win Eugene D. over:

I’ll make this one brief. I drink tea, in fact I drink a fair amount of tea. I tend to buy The Republic of Tea brand. Recently I bought a can of it that just wasn’t up to their usual standards. I sent them a polite email letting them know that a bad can seems to have slipped through and asking if they could do anything about it for me. Not only did they quickly reply with an offer of a replacement tin (as long as
I provided the numeric codes from the bottom of the old one), but they even sent along an actual hand written note with the tea assuring the quality of the new tin (note attached).

So sweet, like a mug of honey tea.

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