Debit or Credit? The Cashier Doesn’t Know Either

Don’t the guys behind the counter know anything?

We were just in Brooklyn Industries clothing shop. Though we don’t really care for their “near-hip” apparel, our girlfriend bought a skirt.

The cashier asked “debit or credit?” We then got into a little discussion about the difference between debit and credit.

Counter lad said that credit is cheaper than debit for the customer as merchants will sometimes require a transaction fee just like an ATM.

He added that he learned this because he was watching a consumer news bit on TV.

Being the consumer nimnoork we are, we said a further distinction between credit and debit was that debit card purchases were insured up to $50. We also mentioned the power of chargebacks.

He was like, “Oh, I didn’t know that. Learn something new every day.”

We just thought it was a little silly. The cashier only knew anything because he happened to catch a TV program.

As a consumer, make sure you know the difference. The guy manning the card swiper may not have a clue.

(He did hand us an online coupon. Enter code: Watertower06 to save 10% at Brooklyn Industries store)

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