Best Laundry Bag Ever

IKEA’s BULLA transcends the common sad sack to become a laundry bag worthy of accolade.

The laundry bag’s best feature is a simple internal frame. Four removable plastic sticks keeps your bag in the closet. No more bending over when rooting or packing.

The BULLA’s handles make for easy lateral lift. Transport to the laundry mat is a snap with the adjustable shoulder strap.

$14.99 at IKEA stores (offline only). We did spot a few for around $20 at Ebay.

Highly recommended for anyone without a washer and dryer in their abode.


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  1. segfault, registered cat offender says:

    (offline only).

    Arrrrrrgh! I live in BFN. There is no Ikea, Publix, or Trader Joe’s.

  2. DAK says:

    Ummm, doesn’t this seem a bit too much like an ad?

  3. Smashville says:

    I broke mine within three days of having one. The plastic sticks are pieces of crap.

  4. What is the purpose of the “Stink Vent?”

  5. Omni Consumer Products says:

    I owned one of these, but after about a year, the plastic ribs that act as this thing’s backbone all ripped through the vinyl and protrude onto the floor. It’s equivalent to cutting some person’s achilles tendons, cause now the damn thing won’t stand up on its own, unless it’s filled to the brim with dirty clothers. Still, a great bag while it lasted… I’ll probably get another one for the price.

  6. rhp says:

    This will not be of use to non-Canadian readers, but I found a similar laundry bag at Canadian Tire, with one right-on bonus feature: a built-in divider that splits the bag into two compartments. I am not fancy enough to seperate my whites and colours, but anyone who is would probably like not having to sort them twice. The Canadian Tire bag lacks the giant handle, but you can attach one pretty easily. Also, it was cheap: $10, on sale from $20 (and you don’t have to trek out to Ikea or deal with umlauts to get one).

  7. Ben Popken says:

    I’ve had mine for about two weeks now, seems to be working fine. I wonder if the defects were with earlier version.

    Anyways, if I do see any of the problems you’re describing, you can be sure I’ll be calling up IKEA to them to replace, post-haste.

  8. Nope, the best laundry bag ever, is my vintage World War II Army Duffle Bag.