Morning Deals Round-Up

• Today’s Woot! is a pretty sweet deal for those who still magically pluck songs from the ether as opposed to loading up their iPod: the Delphi RoadyXT XM Satellite Radio Receiver with Car Kit, Free Activation and 3 Months of the XM service for $59.99. Trust rebates? You can bring it down another $20 by sending in this rebate form.

• And over at Plonk.Woot!, pick up a Parker Station Critter Quartet for $29.99, including 2 bottles of 2003 Syrah, 1 bottle of 2005 Chardonnay and 1 bottle of Pinot Noir. “I made a seared Ahi with a pinot noir, ginger, & shallot reduction last weekend and it went really nicely with this Pinot Noir. Sure, there could have been better choices at twice the price (or more) but this is a nice, medium-bodied Pinot Noir with very light oak so it goes nicely with salmon or Ahi. The Chardonnay is a typically styled Cali chard with forward fruit but not ridiculously over-oaked as some are in this price range.”

• Bribe your porky, snot-nosed child’s affection for another year by buying him an Xbox 360 Premium Bundle with Saint’s Row, Dead Rising and Test Drive Unlimited (all excellent games and one of them involving a mall full of zombies!) for $359.96, which is $200 off the total price. This would be a great gift to pick up and stuff in the closet until Christmas. (Edit: Dang. It doesn’t add to the shopping cart, though the page and price are there. If this starts working, we’ll let you know.)

Highlights from Dealhack

Monday Sale: Toshiba Satellite Intel Duo Core Notebook only $500 at CompUSA

Canon ZR500 Digital Camcorder $236 Shipped at Circuit City

Fantom 120GB USB External Hard Drive only $50 at