Lego Trucks Cause Serious Puncture Wounds

Lego is recalling 358.000 LEGO EXPLORE Super Trucks because the wheels could detach, leaving exposed metal that has resulted in “serious puncture wounds.”

The toy features a red plastic pick-up/dump truck with four 7-inch black plastic wheels that are packed with a box of 40 LEGO DUPLO bricks in the cargo area. The box of DUPLO bricks is not included in the recall, and hey, that’s like money in the bank.

The truck was sold at various retailers nationwide, including Toys “R” Us and Wal-Mart through August 2004, which means that the damn thing is AT LEAST 2 years old. Your kid, if he or she survived, has totally outgrown this toy and it’s time to cash in and buy an X-treme Tickle Me Elmo.
Don’t bet on getting your money back for that one in two years, though. So far, there’s never been a product recall for “severe mental anguish caused by repetition of screetching muppet voice, leading to madness, even death.”

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