Toys “R” Us Pulls Tonka Riding Truck After One Catches Fire, Explodes, In Real Truck

If your Black Friday shopping list included purchasing a rideable Tonka Mighty Wheels Ride-On dump truck from Toy “R” Us, you’ll need to revisit your game plan. The toy retailer announced that it has pulled the truck after a couple says it exploded in the back of their own life-sized pickup truck over the weekend. 

KING News in Seattle reports that Toys “R” Us said Sunday that it had pulled the 12-volt Tonka Ride-On Truck from stores after a Washington family says the gift they purchased for their grandson caught fire on the way home.

The couple says they purchased the toy on Friday and planned to gift it to their grandson on Christmas. However, those plans changed when they noticed flames in the back of their truck while driving home from the store.

After pulling over at a rest area to put out the flames, the couple decided to return the toy to the store. But before they could make it back, the toy truck ignited once again, this time catching the couple’s truck on fire.

“The firefighter … doused the truck with water and I’m, I still can’t believe it… it was just a toy for our grandson, who would have known,” the man said.

Toys “R” Us apologized for the issue and refunded the couple.

A rep for the company tells KING that while it appears to be an isolated incident the company is investigating.

“Out of an abundance of caution we are implementing a stop-sale and pulling the item from our stores and pending further investigation,” the company said. “In the meantime, we are working closely with Dynacraft, the manufacturer, to determine the cause.”

Tonka truck pulled from shelves after fire [KING News]

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