Delta Dehydrates Babies To Fight Terrorism

And here’s the reason why banning liquids from flights makes people less safe, not more so: an infant from County Monaghan in Ireland dehydrated and almost died after being denied liquids on a Delta flight.

The baby’s mother was denied the right to bring bottles of diluted orange juice onto the plane because of the ban. Moreover, because the baby didn’t have his own seat, but sat on his mother’s lap, he was also denied food and drink by Delta.

And that’s the part of the story that’s really odd: even though they were paid for the carry-on infant, Delta apparently didn’t think it was worthwhile to feed or hydrate him. Even odder, Delta’s UK office isn’t even bothering to deny this. Another odd wrinkle: even if that’s the case, why couldn’t this woman fed her son some of her food?

Delta Airlines should just start spraying down their travelers with salt before they get on the flight and be done with it. Or perhaps comp travelers with a free can of Bernard’s Dehydrated Water when they come on board.

Mother plans to sue US airline over fluids ban after toddler dehydrates [Irish Examiner]