Consumerist Ask Metafilter Round-Up

• Can you ride as a passenger in an uninsured vehicle without legal ramifications? [Link]
• Rental Cars: Who gives the most bang for my buck at $29/day insurance rental car coverage? [Link]
• How do you tell someone how to cut your hair? [Link]
• I’m looking for financial advisors – but how to judge them? [Link]
• Are there any easy and inexpensive solar kits for your home? Someone preferably DIY installable. [Link]
• When to fire the Realtor? How do i determine if it’s him or a flattening market? [Link]
• OK, we FINALLY got an offer on our house (after 4 months on the market) and we can’t decide if we should accept. [Link]
• Are customs officials allowed to search you laptop’s hard drive? [Link]

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