RyanAir’s Nudist Security Measures

I will be flying Ryanair from Berlin to Dublin on Monday. I was certainly worried about security hassles, after Germany tightened procedures on their outgoing flights earlier this week. It looks like having liquids and laptops confiscated might be the least of my concerns, though.

Click the link to see the non worksafe version, with genitalia exposed and flapping.

New Airport Security Procedures Page [Ryan Air] (Thanks, JPac!)


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  1. RandomHookup says:

    So Spencer Tunick will now become a security consultant?

  2. Pelagius says:

    I wonder if any of these people thought they’d end up with their
    titties splashed all over the internets when they signed up for this
    photo shoot.

  3. RumorsDaily says:

    If they didn’t think that, they’d be awfully stupid.

  4. Magister says:

    Only one chick with even a hope of being attractive on that pic. Mostly a sausage fest. Can you imagine a domestic airline trying to be that funny?

  5. claudia says:

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