NWA Scores Awesome Dumpster Dive Find: Shame

NPR covered the list of 101 money saving tips Northwest Airlines sent out to its 60 fired employees last week. You know, the one that advised the recently unemployed, “Don’t be shy about pulling something you like out of the trash.”

One pinkslipped NWAer, Brian Diezel, read the list aloud to his fellow workers. At first there was chuckling but he says, “as I kept reading, I noticed some of the people, the chuckling was dying down, and when we got to the part about don’t be afraid to dig through the garbage, I looked up and some of the gals that were in the room with me had tears in their eyes.”

Northwest has since apologized for including “insensitive material” and is investigating how it “slipped through” the HR department. Hmm, let’s see… how could that have happened….maybe BECAUSE YOU’RE BANKRUPT?

Northwest’s Advice to the Laid Off: Dumpster Dive” [NPR]


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  1. JMC says:

    Can someone translate that headline to English for me?

  2. RumorsDaily says:

    Northwest Airlines finds something awesome in the dumpster: shame.

  3. mariser says:

    “…some of the gals that were in the room with me had tears in their eyes.”

    omfg, all snarking aside, that is sad. these folks are really going to have a major slide in lifestyle.
    [insert rant about how NWA executives should be the ones learning the fine art of dumpster diving]

  4. i stopped flying nwa when eazy-e died.

  5. mistress smarty says:

    I heard this story on the “Morning Edition” on NPR today.