HP Markets Girdling Camera to Rather Delusional Women

And with the proud forward march of technology comes one more reason not to trust that Match.com profile picture: the newest Hewlett-Packert cameras include an automatic “slimming” effect that can transform even the tubby, the amorphous, the morbidly obese into slender sylphs.

British slag girls love it. Meet Sally Cranham:

    Like many women in Britain, I am a size 16 and sometimes my holiday photos are not as flattering as I would like. But the slimming button certainly trimmed a bit off where it counts. If it had airbrushed me down to a size eight then no one would have believed it, but it did just enough to hide some of the evidence of a few too many good nights out.

Present in the HP Photosmart R727, the slimcam setting squeezes the picture in the middle, so the main object in focus is automatically girdled. It is, perhaps unsurprisingly, being marketed to vain, rather appalling women.

Camera which comes with a slim-fast setting [Daily Mail]