Turns Out Kids Can React On Camera To New Technology As Well As Weird Old Stuff

Pictured: Unrestrained glee.

Pictured: Unrestrained glee.

The Internet just loves it when kids are put on camera reacting with things, but it seems we are not content to find out how children behave when faced with Walkmans and cameras that use film, but words also come out of their mouths at the sight of shiny, new technology. Who knew?

In a first for the latest episode of “Kids React” from YouTubers TheFineBros, our young heroes get their little mitts on something new instead of old — an Apple Watch — and respond with predictable amounts of adorableness.

“Eee! New stuff!” squeals one, her eyes lighting up like she just saw all of The Directions (that’s better than just one, right?) walking toward her.

“Can I keep it?” one savvy kid with no compunction asking the question an adult in the same situation would want to ask but would instead remain silent, afraid of rejection.

As hip and with it as we expect the younger set to be, many of them didn’t realize what this thing is. And others are disappointed it doesn’t do all the things they’d want it to — or maybe if someone “doesn’t have enough money to buy a phone but they have the money to buy this.”

The whole thing is as amusing and cute as kids can be, and it’s Monday, so you might need this:

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