Consumerist Ask Metafilter Round-Up

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• Looking for a watch for the big wristed. [Link]

• Looking for a watch for the big wristed. [Link]

• My van’s transmission is very sad. It’s on the verge of being considered a junker car: should I repair it or buy another crappy car? [Link]

• Roommate won’t pay! What are my options? [Link]

• I’m fascinated by changes instigated by movie/tv test audiences. Any good way to find more (or confirm internet rumors)? [Link]

• What should I import from China to sell on eBay as a side-job? [Link]

• Finding a cell phone plan. 517 + cheap – $20/month or less. [Link]

• Finding a washer and dryer by depth or other specs: any websites that can help? [Link]

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