Finally! This Site Covers A REAL Consumerist Issue

My 11 year old, cute-as-a-button cousin Lilly writes in:

And so it was. Click to enlarge if the font’s too tiny.


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  1. ProfJonathan says:

    In 1975 as an 8-year-old, I wrote to Mego because their DC Comics action figures kept falling apart (they were held together internally with really poor-quality elastic). The president of the company actually wrote back (this was pre-email) and offered to replace any figures I sent in. I’d encourage this young lady to try doing the same thing. {Prof. Jonathan, nostalgic about things Mego}

  2. Jesse McBesse says:

    I agree with young Lilly! I always seemed to break my Barbies’ heads off and once in a while the neck would crack off, too. So then I had to mash their heads down on their necks and it made them look like they had a deformity. These Barbies automatically became the nerd Barbies and Ken never wanted to make out with them. Looking back on it, I was pretty young to be employing such a strict caste system amongst my Barbies. Hopefully Lilly grows up to be a little (ok, maybe a lot) better adjusted than me.

  3. Jesse in Japan says:

    Did the neck break off in such a way that it became razor sharp? Did Lilly stab herself with it (accidentally or intentionally)? Could she dig that doll out of her closet and stab herself with it now? I smell a lawsuit!

  4. Ran Kailie says:

    Ugh yeah I remember that about barbie dolls, so poorly put together. I got so tired of it as a kid that I ripped off all of their heads in anger and started playing with my brother’s GI Joe’s instead, the tanks were more fun anyways.

    Besides there was nothing more fun then GI Joe raiding Barbie’s house.

  5. Kos says:

    Sounds like illegal bundling of products to me (doll and clothes not sold separately). Someone call the DOJ and get my copy of the Sherman Act.

  6. Rock on Lilly!

  7. The Unicorn says:

    And I agree with Lilly and Jesse…my FAVORITE Barbie’s head broke off, & the little gizmo that allows it to move around got stuck inside. The only real way to “fix” it was to jam the head back on…but even then (in addition to the “short neck” and “not-being-able-to-turn-the-doll’s-head issues”) you could still hear the plastic gizmo rattling around whenever she was moved.

    Also, after the “accident” her head would sometimes fall off unexpectedly, which made certain intimate moments with Ken a little bit more gruesome than they would’ve been otherwise.