UPDATE: Boiled Walmart Baby, With Pix

Dramatic photos of Ritta’s car in the Walmart parking lot after they broke the window to get her trapped baby. Note, these were taken a few hours after the incident occurred.

The tagline, “We Sell For Less” strikes an ironic tone.

Another one, along with a few choice reader comments that help lay out the story, inside.


Of the photos, Kathyrn, Ritta’s friend, wrote , “After Ritta returned home, she called me and told me what happened. I told her to contact the North West Florida Daily News, which she did. The individual who answered the phone (after hours Friday) asked her to return to WALMART and take pictures of her van in the previous parking spot. My husband and I went with Ritta back to WALMRT. We took pictures of her van in the exact parking spot the incident happened.”

AcidReign cleared up why local TV hasn’t picked up this story, “Local TV in Ft. Walton Beach consists of one small UHF station, channel 35. It’s a cable-satellite deal, if you go there and pay $200 a night to watch TV. Ft. Walton is serious small-town America…”

Etinterrapaxn made a case for personal responsibility, “Bottom line is that when something like this happens and tragedy is averted, a good use of one’s energy is to think about what happened and plan ahead to prevent its happening again. Getting Wal-Mart to be a less doinky company is laudable, but not terribly practical on an individual basis, and a mom has a responsibility to her child(ren) to be practical first.”

To that end, Kilgore Trout, a firefighter said, “The glass in car windows will break with a small amount of CONCENTRATED force. Just snap the antennae off a car, preferably one with a little BB sized ball on the end. Smack the window with it using a “whipping” motion. Shout, “Holy shit! It worked!” as you hear the sweet, sweet sound of breaking glass.”

Still, Valkrider laid blame on the retailer, “WAL-MART is indeed at fault here. Sure – they didn’t lock the baby in, or cause the heat, or any of that. But they have dehumanized our commerce to such an extent that no one cares anymore. But thank god they can save 28 cents on underwear and get light bulbs, antacid, swimming trunks, pork rinds, and an air compressor all at the same store.”


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  1. That Guy says:

    Kilgore Trout? Really?

    Man, I hate to oversimplify things, but… F Wal Mart. In the ear.

  2. WMeredith says:

    I’ll second That Guy on the Kilgore Trout tip. WTF?

    Oh, and blaming Wal-Mart for dehuminizing our commerce is absolutely redonculous. As if “commerce” was some sort of integral part of the human condition to begin with, oh please. What a fabulously consumeristic dogma. Shopping in no way affects your humanity.

    This is just knee-jerk finger pointing. By Valkrider and said trapper of babies. We have only oursleves to blame. You wanted cheap stuff, Wal-Mart delivered. You wanted salvation, they passed. Pronounce judgement on them with your wallet, but don’t bitch about philosophy, they didn’t de-humanize anything we didn’t pay them to.

  3. Brian Gee says:

    Aside from being the setting, what does this story have to do with Walmart? I mean, sure they’re evil as evil can be, and any opportunity to say so is fine, but couldn’t this idiot mother have forgotten her child in any parking lot anywhere and it would be just as much a story about how f’ing stupid she was?

  4. AcidReign says:

    …..A few last comments about Ft. Walton. Ritta, if you park at the far end of the Walmart lot, away from the store, you can often get a spot at the end of the row under some decorative trees. It’s a bit shady, and the inside of the mini-van would be a bit cooler. It’s a longer buggy-push from the store, though. And that’s assuming that you want to go back to Walmart… Of course, I’m sure Publix (Miracle Strip Pky), Food World (Mary Ester Blvd) or Winn Dixie (Elgin Pky) would be plenty happy to charge you more.

    …..Every five years or less, a hurricane comes through and guts everything in Ft. Walton. That means that the cable company (Cox) always has the latest gear installed in your beach condo. That means flawless TV, and at least 3 megabit broadband. And a new TV. It’s all great for emailing the entire contents of your digital camera (during lunch) back to to your poor working stiff friends who aren’t at the beach. A beach trip to Ft. Walton always means a new opportunity to cuss Charter Cable and Bellsouth when I get back home. Cox Cable in Ft Walton RULES!

  5. James says:

    I just read about this story, I’m sorry but I can’t believe this woman pissed at Walmart because she was dumb enough to lock her baby in the car.

    Should they have helped her? Probably.

    But the fact is Wal-Mart is a shit job that pays minimum wage to probably not the brightest people on the planet. With Wal-Mart’s reputation for firing people for practically any reason it’s almost understandable why people who rely on their jobs were hesitant to help a customer bust out her windshield.

    I have a feeling that had a Wal-Mart employee been the one busting out the window you probably would have gotten a letter saying, “oh my god, I asked a Wal-Mart employee for help and they busted out my window”.

  6. lgf says:


    I still don’t feel bad for the lady. As much as I do not like Wal-Mart (and I haven’t gone there since December, go me!), this has NOTHING to do with them. She locked the kid in the car, and I’m thinking she was LUCKY that she was in that parking lot and not on a less traveled road/street.

    Just shows you why our courts are plagued with frivolous lawsuits, and our insurance premiums are through the roof.

    Consumerist, PLEASE kill this story, it has gone waaay too long for no reason (I’m recalling Amy’s Ice Cream….)

    (And yes, I’m a mother, and yes we mothers make mistakes with our kids, but you have to learn to accept fault sometimes, and don’t try to blame someone else)

  7. SpecialK says:

    I’d say to the literary scholars in the comment threads that sometimes people don’t use their real names to comment.

    I do appreciate the West Florida Daily News suggest the friends go BACK to Wal-Mart later to take photos. Nothing like staging a few shots for the press.