UPDATE: Boiled Walmart Baby, With Pix

Dramatic photos of Ritta’s car in the Walmart parking lot after they broke the window to get her trapped baby. Note, these were taken a few hours after the incident occurred.

The tagline, “We Sell For Less” strikes an ironic tone.

Another one, along with a few choice reader comments that help lay out the story, inside.


Of the photos, Kathyrn, Ritta’s friend, wrote , “After Ritta returned home, she called me and told me what happened. I told her to contact the North West Florida Daily News, which she did. The individual who answered the phone (after hours Friday) asked her to return to WALMART and take pictures of her van in the previous parking spot. My husband and I went with Ritta back to WALMRT. We took pictures of her van in the exact parking spot the incident happened.”

AcidReign cleared up why local TV hasn’t picked up this story, “Local TV in Ft. Walton Beach consists of one small UHF station, channel 35. It’s a cable-satellite deal, if you go there and pay $200 a night to watch TV. Ft. Walton is serious small-town America…”

Etinterrapaxn made a case for personal responsibility, “Bottom line is that when something like this happens and tragedy is averted, a good use of one’s energy is to think about what happened and plan ahead to prevent its happening again. Getting Wal-Mart to be a less doinky company is laudable, but not terribly practical on an individual basis, and a mom has a responsibility to her child(ren) to be practical first.”

To that end, Kilgore Trout, a firefighter said, “The glass in car windows will break with a small amount of CONCENTRATED force. Just snap the antennae off a car, preferably one with a little BB sized ball on the end. Smack the window with it using a “whipping” motion. Shout, “Holy shit! It worked!” as you hear the sweet, sweet sound of breaking glass.”

Still, Valkrider laid blame on the retailer, “WAL-MART is indeed at fault here. Sure – they didn’t lock the baby in, or cause the heat, or any of that. But they have dehumanized our commerce to such an extent that no one cares anymore. But thank god they can save 28 cents on underwear and get light bulbs, antacid, swimming trunks, pork rinds, and an air compressor all at the same store.”

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