Backyard Burger Wayyyy Too Friendly

Vincent S. is convinced Backyard Burger is a front for some kind of cult. He feels they’re “trained to be creepy.”

They’re always smiling. Asking him how his day went. Calling him Buddy. Pal. He just wants a delicious burger, not a crystal energy reading.

His garumph, inside.

Vincent S. writes:

“Your pages may be full of out-of-touch CSAs and unhelpful clerks, but the one that really bothers me is the compensation for those frequent complaints: the Way-Too-Nice.

I’ll begrudgingly put up with “Mr” and know I can’t do much about “Sir”, but the absolute worst example of this is Backyard Burger. Everyone there wants to be your “Buddy”, or your “Pal”, and wonders desperately for details regarding the events of your day. It wasnt until the third call for “But really, how has your day been going?” that I couldnt take it anymore. I’ve gone there repeatedly and thought of the stupid nicknames they’re apparently trained to throw out as a reasonable gauntlet one must cross in exchange for a delicious burger, but this is just too much. At some point, there’s a line after “trained to not be rude” and “trained to provide efficient service with a smile” that falls beyond “trained to use fake ‘nice-words’ all the time, which is by the way also rude” and right into “trained to be fucking creepy.”

I reccomend staying away from Backyard Burger. It’s not worth it.”


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  1. kerry says:

    What is Backyard Burger? Is it a restaurant? It is a chain of restaurants? Is it just some creepy guy and a barbecue? I’m intrigued.

  2. kittikin says:

    It’s a small chain of burger/chicken fast food places. The food is fresh and grilled. I ate at one several years ago in Mississippi and remember the food was good.

    People in Mississippi are pretty darn friendly. Maybe Vince is just a paranoid Yankee … *kidding. no hate maill from paranoid Yankees, please.*

  3. HawkWolf says:

    gimmick. gimmick just like Coldstone Creamery. Dear god, do not ever tip them at Coldstone, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever.

  4. Lesley says:

    Is this guy for real? BYB is a small/mid-sized chain of fast-casual restaurants primarily located in the southeast. The corporate headquarters is in Memphis, Tennessee. There’s no gimmick; they’re just really big, high-quality burgers (and chicken) cooked on a grill. I don’t believe they train anyone to be overly friendly and certainly not creepy. I agree with kittikin–perhaps Vincent just isn’t accustomed to Southern hospitality and genuine concern for other humans?

    Full disclosure: I did my undergraduate marketing internship at the BYB corporate HQ and everyone who worked there, including all the executives were incredibly nice. And not creepy at all.

  5. Judes says:

    That’s my problem with Trader Joe’s. I just want to buy my food and get
    out. I don’t want to chat about what’s in my basket, nor do I care what
    your favorite TJ product is.

  6. windowseat says:

    Backyard opened a store here (Millcreek PA) across from a McDonalds which is great. I’ve gone a couple times and the place is nice, the burgers okay and the price decent. In fact, I’d still be going if it weren’t for the last time I got takeout and the bacon on my burger was so badly burned that it was more carbon than pig. The thought process it took to put that on my food was either “Duhhhhhh” or “Fuck this guy, let him eat charcoal.” Either way, it spoke of bad training and it wasn’t worth my time to go back since I have a backyard, access to hamburger meat and a grill.

  7. I’ve never had them ask how my day was that I can recall… I was there
    today and all the guy said was “Here or To Go?” without any greeting at
    all, because I thought that was a little rude… not that I want to
    socialize with my fast food order taker either.

  8. HaxRomana says:

    I guess there’s always something to find fault in, isn’t there?
    Seriously, listen to what you’re saying. “Oh good God, someone was nice
    to me, I am greviously offended!”

    Worse, “The last clerk I spoke to didn’t try to chat with me, and I
    thought that was rude, not that I wanted them to chat with me, of
    course. God no. I’d much rather they try to strike up a conversation so
    I can shoot them down in the rudest way possible.”

  9. WMeredith says:

    Fuck that guy, I think the probelm here is clearly on the other side of the cash register. People like this are looking to be offended, so they will be no matter what.

    Back yard Burger has awesome food and above average customer service.

    No full disclosure here, just a fan of BYB.

  10. Ben Popken says:

    Edward writes:

    “”I’ll begrudgingly put up with Mister, and I can’t do much about Sir”

    What would this guy prefer to be called? ‘Can I take your order, asshole?’ leaps to mind. “

  11. Ben Popken says:

    Craig writes:

    “I’m pretty sure the self-checkout lanes at grocery stroes were invented for people like Vincent. Some people just can’t be satisfied.”