GoDaddy Goes Ho Bag Crazy

The screenshot above is what happened when the guys over at the Idea Grove “accidentally” tried to register It was taken. But GoDaddy wasn’t without some colorful alternatives! In particular, the system seems fascinated with the term ‘ho bag’. As are we!

A couple years ago, when I registered my now defunct through exhaustion blog which happens to have the word ‘pimp’ conspicuously in the URL, one of the suggested URLs GoDaddy handed back to me was ‘PIMPBABIES.COM’. I was confused: were the babies the pimps, or were they merely the tricks? I almost registered it because the former reading was pretty hysterical, but then started fearing government agencies might parse it as the latter.

What GoDaddy Recommends When You Accidentally Check for the Availability of [Media Orchard]

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