Central Parking Runs Valet Thieving Service

What happens when a parking garage allows a complete stranger to walk in and steal your car? A dozen unreturned phone calls, a hundred non-commital responses and a refusal to own up to any blame.

    Minutes after getting out of bed, I was spending a few moments with my wife before we both went to work when we got a call. It was from the Central Parking garage across the street where we park our car. (We’re monthly parkers.) A manager, with a vaguely agitated voice, said, “We need you to fix your ticket because your ticket was left open when you picked up your car yesterday.”

    I didn’t quite understand what that meant, but a reasonable request. Except for one problem: we didn’t pick up our car yesterday.

    As my eyes began to bulge out, I raised this point. And then the conversation rapidly descended to a staccato exchange of ‘Where’s our car?’ ‘I will have to call you back.’ ‘Where’s our car?’ ‘I will have to call you back.”

Apparently, stealing a car at Central Parking garage is as easy as wandering in, asking for the keys and driving away with a confident wave. And afterwards, Central Parking will just shove their hands in their pockets, pucker and whistle nonchalantly.

Stolen Car at Central Parking [Talking Points Memo] (Thanks, DF!)


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  1. RandomHookup says:

    I once had a hotel valet give away my rental car. Fortunately, they gave it to someone I worked with and knew, but it was hell returning it to Hertz and explaining what happened when I returned his identical rental car (with 4000 more miles than I had started with). Even my coworker couldn’t understand why I needed the rental car receipt from him (that he didn’t notice had my name on it).

  2. CanuckGreg says:

    I worked for CPS for a number of years. As a corporation they’re actually pretty ethical and decent. Further, their policies and procedures regarding car security are quite thorough. My guess is that the garage manager is scrambling to cover his ass before he calls the city manager and has to explain how he lost a car.

  3. SeekBalance says:

    Central took over a garage I used to park at in New Orleans. The conversion was quite painful. They didn’t lose any cars, that I’m aware of, but they did lose many bills and customers.