Verizon Cancels Consumer Affairs’ Broadband For Downloading Too Much

Consumer Affairs recently got a terse cancellation note from Verizon Wireless’ Unlimited BroadbandAccess service:

“We … found that your usage over the past 30 days exceeded 10 Gigabytes. … This level of usage is so extraordinarily high that it could only have been attained by activities, such as streaming and/or downloading movies and video, prohibited by the terms and conditions…”

An explanation impervious to dissection by any rationale mind. It’s Consumer Affairs… of course they were steaming pornography and downloading warez on their Verizon Wireless Unlimited account. Makes sense!

Of course, the problem is twofold: how can Verizon call a Wireless Broadband Service ‘unlimited’ when 10 gigs is your cap? But the other problem was that Consumer Affairs hadn’t downloaded 10 gigs worth of pornography over the last thirty days. They’d downloaded less than 2 gigs over the course of twelve months.

Hey, Verizon! Next time you decide starting to accuse customers of being high-downloading porno fiends, you might want to check the company name on the bill.

Verizon Limits Its “Unlimited” Wireless Broadband Service [Consumer Affairs]

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