The News; Bury My Lump of Coal Under the Old Apple Tree

• Saying it was due to a broken heart would require he had one in the first place. [NYT] “Kenneth L. Lay, Ex-Chairman of Enron, Dies”
• Half speculative litigation, half, “why don’t you just stop making shit that disintegrates people’s jaws?” [LAT] “Another Merck Drug Is Under Legal Attack”
• If you have a box containing thousands of your co-worker’s social security numbers, it’s increasingly becoming a bad idea to bring it home. [LAT] “Employees Sue Railroad Over Social Security Number Theft”
• BP oil contains black soylent green. [CT] “Jackson Leads Anti-BP March Near Refinery”


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  1. Tom says:

    I’ll believe that Lay is dead when I a) see the dead body and b) witness it being buried at a crossroads with a stake in its heart.

    Seriously, he has the connections and the money to fake his death and disappear into some rich-dude resort, if anyone does.

  2. I’d like to believe that Kenneth Lay’s death was the result of a very well done execution by vigilantes or paid assassins hired by all the shareholders…that would be justice.

    But yes, we need some proof he’s really dead…The only thing we know for certain is that whether he is alive or dead he’s going to keep getting billed for that AOL account.