Fiber One Secertly Switches Sweetner

If you eat the chipmunk fuel cum cereal called Fiber One and you’re diabetic, your life may be in danger. If you’re not diabetic, you might just be pissed. Curtis writes:

    I just noticed a few weeks ago that the nice people at General Mills removed Splenda and added Nutrasweet to Fiber One. This is after years of success in the marketplace, with every web reference you find on the product praising its flavor because of the use of Splenda, millions of diabetics hooked on it, etc.

Ever notice how they don’t make ads with cute characters frolicking through the jungle, screaming, “Hey! Who stole my Fiber One?” No? (pre-emptive comments joke: cereal killers).


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  1. prodigal says:

    Okay, I’ll bite.

    *ahem* It seems like a bad career move to change sweeteners to satisfy a slighty larger and generally uninformed demographic, ie such as remains of the healthy population of the United States.

    Especially for a few muesli bucks…

  2. Lyn Never says:

    Aspartame (Nutrasweet) is safe for diabetics, at least in the blood glucose sense. If people are cooking their Fiber One, that would be a problem because aspartame breaks down when heated and sucralose (Splenda) doesn’t, but I think it’s primarily eaten cold.

    Not that the swap is nice; people get very attached to their chemical aftertaste of choice, and some people find aspartame to be a migraine trigger.

    I think probably all artificial sweeteners will eventually prove to cause serious long-term side effects, but when I grow that second head I’ll be able to drink two diet sodas at once, so it’s not all bad.

  3. Mary Marsala with Fries says:

    I would have been raving peeved if I ate that cereal…I have a *nasty* reaction to aspartame. A single diet coke will knock me down with headaches, tremors, nausea and stomach cramps for about a day. Splenda tastes nasty to me, but the few times I’ve choked it down, I haven’t gotten sick. I have, however, gotten used to reading labels carefully, etc. (especially since, until recently, it was usually either Nutrasweet or sugar (which, shockingly enough, doesn’t make me sick at all)). If I had decided this stuff was “safe” and then ended up sick in bed from surprise Nutrasweet, I’d be calling my lawyer (this is assuming there was no obvious posted warning).

    And this isn’t just me — there’s a whole class of people, phenylketneurics I think it’s spelled, who are nastily allergic to Aspartame. (I’m not phenylwhatever; I’m, um, something else.) Someone could have gotten seriously ill if they expected the food to not have Aspartame and it suddenly did.

    Bah. The crap is poison anyway. -M.

  4. Tex says:

    I’d say it’s probably a good move on the part of the makers of Fiber One. Splenda is a chemical compound made from chlorocarbon – basically chlorine and it hasn’t been thoroughly tested for safety. It’s entirely possible that Splenda will get yanked off the market one of these days after enough data is assembled to show that it’s toxic in one way or another.

    Personally I won’t eat anything made with artificial sweeteners. Aspartame causes problems for people with a history of depression and actually carries a warning for phenylketonureics (sic?). Too much sugar is bad for you but moderate consumption of the stuff is harmless. I’ll stick with the real deal.

  5. Ben Popken says:


  6. ModerateSnark says:

    That is to say, a phenylketonuric suffers from phenylketonuria.

    So phenylketonurics are phenylketonuric, which literally means they have dehydrogenated benzene ketones in their pee pee.