TSA Wants Airline Lighter Ban Snuffed

“The nation’s aviation security chief says Congress should lift a ban on passengers carrying lighters on airplanes because screeners are spending too much time looking for lighters instead of bombs.”

The ban was initially enacted in response to the actions of shoe-bomber Richard Reid.

Lighters represent 80% of the items confiscated at checkpoint and upwards of 30,000 are seized everyday.

The guy who lost his Zippo is going to be really pissed once he finds out.

Lift airline ban on lighters, TSA urges” [USAToday]


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  1. Madrid says:

    I like the irony of the Americana-styled lighter near the bottom of the image. Nothing says, “I’m not a terrorist” like an American flag and a bald eagle.

  2. Paul D says:

    That’s a lot of flammable liquid in one place…

  3. Energyguy78 says:

    I always just leave my lighters on garbage cans by the baggage claim and hoping there is someone just as helpful on the other end of my leg. Or just bring matches.