RegisterFly Crash Lands

Don’t be this consumer.

Scott got his domains through and, “quickly found out just how much they suck (DNS servers often going down, abysmal customer service, account info “magically” changing all by itself, exceptionally slow response to ‘help’ emails, to name just a few).”

He’s since transferred all his domains to GoDaddy. But now he has $20 in his RegisterFly account that they refuse to refund him. They claim he was in TOS at the time. Scott says he can’t remember. Rather than take the company to small claims court, he’s using those leftover dollars to poison RegisterFly on its own bile.

He tried to register but it’s already taken, by RegisterFly. He’s come up with a few variations:,,,,, Scott requests your help in thinking up others

This all seems rather petty. If Scott wanted to be a model consumer, he would take them to small claims court. However, if he was an even better consumer, he wouldn’t have gone with RegisterFly in the first place. Do not find your piss-ant domain register through Google Ads. They are .0001 a dozen (see VistaPages). We would like to sympathize with Scott but he’s broken the first rule of good consumerism: being an informed buyer.

Most egregiously, RegisterFly isn’t even cheaper. Currently their domains are $9.99, a dollar and four cents more than Godaddy.

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  1. Scott says:

    Thanks for regurgitating my plight.

    I’d like to make some clarifications, though, about the assumptions you made while exercising your ersatz editorial license:

    1. Fighting RegisterFly in court proceedings would require me to take at least one day off from work, and I truly have better things to do with my time & money. Besides, it’s quite possible they did have some bullshit TOS crap in there when I funded the account, which makes it a binding contact.

    2. I used RegisterFly because I had an affiliate code for a couple cheap domain registrations, and couldn’t pass up the “bargain.”

    3. To fund my account via PayPal, I had to send a minimum of $25, which is why I still have $20 in there.

    4. How is this any more “petty,” to use your word, than the hellfire spewed forth from the fleshy fingers of Ben Popken, when complaining about the $5 shipping charge he incurred from Threadless?

    Through editing & embellishment, you created an interesting skew on the story. It’s like watching Fox News… :-p

  2. AndyG says:

    Scott, like so many other people, made the mistake of going through some shady company to register a domain.

    First of, RegisterFly isnt an accredited domain registrar. They’re a reseller of Enom, which has had their fair share of horror stories. So registering with a company such as RegisterFly is like paying me $4 for a Big Mac and I going to McDonalds and picking it up for $2.

    An “affiliate code” is all a scam. Really. The cost of .com and .net domains from Verisign is $6/year. Pereiod. They got that contract, its extended for many years to come, thats the cost. So if its cheaper or close to that, they’re making money other ways (renewel fee – which is generally higher, or keeping your money in a bogus account).

    PayPal as a method of payment isnt that cool. I’d dispute the payment with PayPal and try to get it through there.

    Lesson out of all this? Research before you buy. If you go to you’ll see a list of accredited registrars. Those are the only people that can register domains directly to Verisign (who holds the database for .com and .net). Anyone else is a reseller (which arent always bad, but most of them are).

    Simple looking, and you can tell RegisterFly is some guy in boxers at his house. He doesnt own the netblock/host he’s using (Sago Networks does), the address on his whois looks like a house (from google maps – tinyurl’d: ).

    People make the money they do because they know, and the people they’re selling to don’t.

  3. Scott says:

    Hey there, “King Andy,” thanks for the info… I’ll try the PayPal-dispute route first, as you suggested. If that’s no good, is calling… ;o)

    By the way, aside from the money issue, they really do suck!

  4. AndyG says:

    The more I think about it, dispute the charge via PayPal. Make sure you state that you only received partial service, and you want a refund on the rest of the money. The first thing PayPal will do is put the money on hold, and then the guy at RegisterFly will know immediately.

    Its stupid, its shady, and just bad business, to play games like that for an extra 10-15 bucks.

    I would register registerfly-sucks. Then I’d register, or, put up a website with a top frame that says everything bad, and a bottom frame to his webpage. :)

    Something that makes you a bigger pain than the money he’s trying to keep, so he gives it back.

  5. terryannnnn says:

    Vista Pages has been hosting my website for a couple of years. The fist year was very rocky, the website builder hardly ever worked, the company took AGES to respond to my requests for assistance. However, I had already built the website and didn’t want to start over. Last year, Vista Pages billing did not properly update my credit card, which resulted in my renewal being late. The billing people told me at that point that I would have to change my domain name. They did not bother to give a very good explanation as to why, just that I had renewed late, as if that was a good reason to HAVE to change the name of my website (I’ve saved ALL correspondence). So, I changed the name, against my will, but again, I did not want to start all over.
    This year, I renewed, again, against my better judgment. This company has had a history of servers breaking down, services not working and unfriendly customer service. After renewing, I asked if I could have my website changed back and they told me it would cost me $25.00. I was upset about this. I hadn’t ever wanted to change the name of my website in the FIRST place and was never given a good reason as to why it had to be done.
    They said they would waive the fee and change the site, but now my website DOESN’T WORK! When I inquired about this, I was told: “The reason the website is not yet loading is because you have not changed the dns for the domain, please update the nameservers to insure the website loads.”
    I do not know what a dns or a nameserver is. I did not have to change a dns or a nameserver last year and my website worked. Now, my website does not work and they are telling me it isn’t their fault. At this point, on July 28, 2007 I asked for my money back, so that I could switch companies and just start over.
    They ignored my request and kept repeating that I was ‘confused’, and needed to contact the company where I registered my domain name. But, I never registered my domain name with a company EVER and my website worked until now. After several emails from VistaPages, in particular from Peter Wakefield, which have ALL been sarcastic, rude and unhelpful, I repeated my request to have my account canceled and my money returned. Now, Mr. Wakefield has gleefully informed me that I am past the 30 day money back guarantee and he will not refund my money. I was told, “You either make this work, or walk away with nothing.” That is a direct quote.
    The funny thing is, I first asked for a refund WITHIN that limit. But my request was ignored. It’s true, I was an uninformed and lazy consumer and now I wish I had done things differently.