New Chase Debit Card Still Lets Vonage Screw Customer on Old Card

You would think that after Chase goes through the trouble of reissuing new Visa debit cards to replace its MasterCards, they might also take the precaution of deactivating the old card when the new one is activated. Not so, Disappointed in NYC writes. When our reader tried to cancel Vonage, they wanted to charge a cancellation fee. He refused but they still charged his old Chase Mastercard. Chase CSR said the Vonage charge went through but nothing else would.

Is this a security issue? We think not. We just received our new gold WaMu Mastercard to replace the WaMu Visa, and the letter informed as that as a courtesy, they will let recurring payments and the like be charged for one month on the old card.

Are you reading, John Dillinger? This kind of annoying crap is the fallout from your supposedly victimless crime.

Disappointed’s full letter, after the jump…

So Visa bribed Chase away from using MasterCard and the net result was that all the existing Chase debit cards have been replaced with these shiny gold cards with the Visa logo that look more important than they probably are. I activated mine yesterday – one assumes that since the new debit card with the brand new account number and expiration date are now in play, the old card would be no good. I even called Chase customer service to confirm that.
When cancelling my lousy Vonage service they tried to charge me the cancellation fee. I refused and they charged my Chase MasterCard, which I was reassured couldn’t be used. Guess what? It went through! I had to call Chase who told me, yes Vonage went through but no, nothing else would. Could they really guarantee that? Probably not. I had to hang around while the customer service rep contacted security to make sure the card was cancelled.

So now if people don’t want 2 Chase debit cards around they need to physically call and cancel their old card. I have to say I’m really disappointed with Chase. As for Vonage, I hope their stock plunge kills their lame static-y service and constant outages. Plus they owe me a $50 rebate which I have yet to see.

Disappointed in NYC


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  1. billhelm says:

    at the same time, i bet an equal number of people bitch to the banks about charges getting denied on old cards when they haven’t had time to change their billing to the new one, especially when they didn’t initiate getting a new card to begin with. There’s two sides to this.

    Also, I fail to see how this is a security threat if the card wasn’t compromised…

    this is a standard practice in the industry, by the way.

  2. matto says:

    Chase is the most parasitic, blood-sucking, purely evil bank i’ve ever had the displeasure of doing business with.

  3. zyphbear says:

    Just an FYI: Many “Subscription” based transactions (esp those contract based, like 12 month contracts for Vonage, audible, XBOX Live, etc) will have the same thing happen. Even if the card is marked as being “lost” and suspended, they use the authorization number from the original authorization (like when you signed up) and are able to “Force” through the transaction. This is also why if your card expires, transactions are still able to be presented against the card even when you have activated the new one. Unfortunatly, under many of the contracts you have, nothing is really there to stop them unless you pay the termination fee.

    I hate loopholes in the system.

  4. cornholeshop says:

    This doesn’t bode well for me. I’m getting ready to cancel my WaMu credit card because I think it’s been compromised. I recently received a Vonage Welcome Kit which I had not solicited and my account was charged $41.89 on 3/8/2008. I have already contacted Vonage, awaiting confirmation that they’ve cancelled the unsolicited monthly service.

    I’m pretty sure my WaMu card has been compromised because I have not physically used this card since July ’07 and shredded in Sep. ’07. Heck, I don’t even know the the 3-digit verification number which makes it difficult for me to purchase anything with it online or over the phone.

    However, based on previous posts here, it looks like even if I “lose” my WaMu card and have a new one issued with a new verification code, etc., Vonage will be able to “hop” over to the new card because I have allegedly agreed to a recurring monthly bill?

    Anyone know of a partnership between WaMu and Vonage (or WaMu and other Co.’s) that would allow WaMu to enroll their customers into reciprocal services?