Update: The Anti-McDonald’s Advergame Punk’d Everybody

Because we’re petty and jealous of their rampant success and succulent quarterly bonuses, we gave sister site Kotaku some grief when they swallowed hook, line and sinker an obviously too-good-to-be-true story about McDonald’s game division splitting from the company over green politics.

However, turns out we were both fooled. As you know, we cried fake, not even believing that the speech was delivered at the International Serious Games Event in Birmingham. However, those devious hippies behind the Anti-McDonald advergame not only punked Kotaku, but they really did sneak into the conference, representing themselves as McDonald’s upper management. Alice at Wonderland has the report of a hands-on attendee who verifies the speech was, in fact, delivered by a convincing suit pretending to be a McDonald’s executive.

Boy howdy. Those McDonald’s advergame guys are going to get sued. We would never have guessed they’d have the balls to actually deliver the speech as McDonald’s reps. This entire story has been just fascinatingly bogus.

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