Wired On The Criminalization of Chemistry Sets

Those damned enemies of America, lurking about behind their laser-refracting coke-bottle glasses, sporting Al Qaeda pocket protectors, mixing volatile chemicals in their garage!

We talked a bit before about the crackdown on kids’ chemistry sets because they can technically be used to make explosives in addition to papier mache volcanos. Now Wired’s looked at the problem when authorities looking for terrorist cells and drug labs start trying to criminalize DIY science.

It should be obvious just how ludicrous all of this is, but unfortunately, it’s hard to be surprised these days’ by America’s clamp down on personal freedoms by pandering to an emerging culture of paranoia. But in case you don’t want to go to the link and marvel in the absurdity, this quote says it all: “But they marvel a little too much. Taking chemicals and lab equipment away from kids who love science is like taking crayons and paints away from a kid who may grow up to be an artist.”

Don’t Try This At Home [Wired]

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