Using Craigslist To Find The Perfect Apartment

Everyone associated with Lifehacker editor Gina Trapani takes on the alluring glow of her optimism. Rainbows, after all, beam out of her cheeks. So I’m sure Adam Pash writing over at Lifehacker will pardon me for calling him a luscious lass.

Pash’s utterly masculine lusciousness aside, he has written an excellent Apartment Hunting 101 guide, full of tips on how to use Craigslist and RSS readers to find your dream apartment. The idea is essentially to subscribe to feeds of your rental search terms and be updated about them in real time. Rental disputes that once were solved with a pair of concrete shoes and a chilly midnight river can now be eliminated by pouncing upon an attractive apartment within seconds of it becoming available.

Of course, they really need to follow this up with Apartment Hunting 102: Crappy Landlords, Obnoxious Roommates and Drug-Dealing Neighbors.

Apartment Hunting 101 [Lifehacker]

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