McDonald’s Calls Critics Liars

Note to McDonald’s: even when the bastards are, it’s generally a pretty poor idea to call your critics liars.

Yet that’s exactly what they are doing. Responding to the unappeasable outpouring of criticism that has hounded McDonald’s over the last few years largely thanks to works like Fast Food Nation and Supersize Me, CEO Jim Skinner referred to criticisms of the company as “fiction.”

Granted, the critics are pretty much unappeasable. There’s no doubt that a large amount of the incessant McDonald’s criticism is just trendy anti-corporate dogpiling. That said, Mickey D’s has gotten so punch drunk under the bombardment that their entire corporate message at this point is just one huge honkin’ contradiction. Sell fast food or sell health food; listen to your critics or tell them to go to hell. But you reall can’t do both.

Food Fight: McDonald’s takes On Critics [Consumer Affairs]

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