Reach A Human With Roger’s Wireless

This one’s for our Canadian pals, all too often ignored by us as America’s Hat. If you’re a Robert’s Wireless Pay-As-You-Go Customer, once you dial up their customer support line the chances of you escaping the plunging maze of robot menus by speaking to an actual human is roughly equivalent to your chances of doggy paddling through the cold vacuum of space your way outside the event horizon of the black hole of oblivion towards which you’re being inexorably sucked.

Luckily, we saw this tip over at Peter Rukavina’s Blog: as soon as you call Roger’s main service number as a pay-as-you-go customer, just say “Other Options” when you’re asked by the chipper robot where they can take you. Then, when they ask if you have an urgent issue, say “Yes.”

If that doesn’t work, we’ve got another tip that seems to work on a surprising number of robot automate customer service lines. When a robot asks how it can help you in that atonal Kubrickian way of theirs, simply take a deep breath and then scream into the phone, as loud as you can: “I want to take to a human now! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW!” while smashing the receiver of the phone violently into the side of your head. This works more often than you would think and will be a new variable in any future “Time to Human” polls that Ben conducts.

How to talk to a real person at Rogers Wireless [Peter Rukavina’s Blog]


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  1. Paul D says:

    “America’s Hat”

    I love it. I’m gonna tell my Canadian friend that one.

  2. Das Ubergeek says:

    The problem is that most people who need to call Rogers Wireless are in downtown Canada, but the call centre is out in the suburbs and it takes a long time to get the call through.

  3. kerda says:

    I have been a Roger’s cell phone customer for 5 years. I bought a new phone and plan in Oct/Nov 2005…The phone never worked as it was defective it was sent back 3(X). I was given a loaner phone which also didn’t work most of the time so I paid my bill for 6 months without proper phone service which I had paid for. Roger’s did not fulfill their part of the contract as a result I cancelled my plan and refused to pay anymore for service I was not receiving. Rogers then sent my bill to a collection agency. Rogers customer service reps have been rude and belligerent to me. I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH ROGERS IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM…………

  4. dandmb50 says:

    Why does the pay-as-you-go phone have an expiry date?
    30, 60, 90 days?

    You are paying in advance at a high per minute fee are they planning on going out of business? or do they do that so you use your minutes fast and buy a new card? Pretty sleasy and I think illegal. If I’m paying up front my hard earned cash, why should it ever run out?
    They’ll tell you there stock answers. accounting, etc. it’s all bull they just want you to buy more cards.

    They finally have a card that is good for one year, about time, but they hide it you have to push for it.