Monday Morning Reminder: We Want To Be Your Superhero

We’re going to be trying something new at the Consumerist. We’d like to help you guys out more. Whether that’s doing some research to get you a hard-to-get phone number to resolve a customer service issue, point you in the direction of consumerist services or agencies that can help you, or even interceding on your behalf. We’ve been making some stabs over the last week at doing just that and we’d like to experiment more with helping you guys out in your blackest night going forward.

So if you’ve been slammed into a dead end trying to get satisfaction, send us an email at and let us know your problem and what you’d like us to do for you. Although Herculean in body mass, virile, witty and able to lift small European cars over our heads, we are not, we repeat, not Gods, per se, at least under the classical definitions. So we may not be able to help you out. But if you’re not getting anywhere, you might as well take a stab at sending us an email and seeing if we can do anything on your behalf.

Likewise, we’re still taking the usual cornucopia of complaints and tips, so if you want to see something on this site, whether it’s a personal consumerist misadventure or just a story that intrigued you, hell, send those in too. These are some stories from the last week culled from you, our illustrious readers.

Calls From A Stranger Stories
UPDATE: H&R Block Gets Citizen in Tax Trouble, Doesn’t Care
Cheryl & Co Delivers Cookies Late, to Customer’s Delight
My Mom On Buying A Cell Phone In The States
Great Customer Service Goes Unrewarded
‘I Love Baseball but Hate’
UPDATE: ‘I Love Baseball but Hate’

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