Ubisoft Dumps Starforce Like Hermaphrodite Girlfriend

Looks like that five million dollar class-action lawsuit against Ubisoft for using Starforce DRM in its products has paid off: Ubisoft have announced that in response to the lawsuit, they are dropping Starforce from all future products.

You might remember Starforce as the company that openly calls its critics liars and members of the Russian mafia. It also responded to Stardock’s decision to release their game, Galactic Civilization II, without DRM of any type by posting links to warezed copies of the game on the company website.

It’s gratifying to see a major game publisher drop Starforce on its head like an ugly baby, even if it only came about due to a lawsuit. On the other hand, it’s good to see that vocal complaining and boycott movements actually can work and seriously impact shady businesses which treat their customers like criminals.

Ubisoft officially dumps Starforce [Gamespot]
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