Quiznos Toasts Your Arteries

Last week we let you know about Quiznos and how difficult it was to pry out their nutritional info from their claws dripping with fat.

This week, the toasted sub is back and it’s gonna kick your butt.

We’ve got the sandwich porn movie to prove it…

Back in December, the feds approved a new Quizno’s promotion. Now, the meat fruits of their labors have arrived. Note the giant Beef Check logo. That means the Beef-Board and the federal government think it’s a good idea for you to eat this sandwich.

There’s also this ad from the same campaign. We prefer the singing monkey butts.

The US Food Policy (USFP) blog writes:

    “The advertising campaign…is a partnership between Quiznos and the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board, a semi-governmental program to promote beef demand. The Beef Board is established by Congress, overseen by USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service, and funded through $46 million per year in mandatory assessments — taxes — collected from beef producers under federal government authority. The Beef Board is one of several meat and dairy commodity “checkoff” programs, which dwarf federal support promoting fruits, vegetables, or the Dietary Guidelines.”

USFP attempts at learning the nutritional content of the signature sandwich were unsuccessful. The Prime Rib Sub is not listed in the CalorieKing database, either. What you got to hide, Quiznos? Don’t think we don’t see those white, pussy, globules dripping out your pockets.

The author notes that the Beef Board’s press release reports the new Prime Rib promotion was inspired by the Steakhouse Beef Dip promotion’s success.

Feds Approve Quiznos Prime Rib Promotion” [US Food Policy Blog]

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