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Eric Arnold

Volkswagen To Pay At Least $15B To Settle Federal Allegations In Dirty Diesel Scandal

Nine months after the Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board revealed that Volkswagen had used so-called “defeat devices” in nearly 500,000 diesel-engine vehicles in the U.S. to skirt emissions standards, the carmaker has finally reached a partial settlement package with the agencies, along with the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Comission, to the tune of $15 billion.  [More]

Eric Arnold

Would $5,000 Make You Forget That Your VW Car Exceeds Emission Standards?

With only one day to go before Volkswagen is supposed to present a workable fix for more than 500,000 diesel vehicles equipped with “defeat devices” designed to cheat emission standards, the carmaker has reportedly reached a deal with U.S. regulators that includes the company paying billions of dollars to compensate owners.  [More]

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Cargill Cutting Back On Antibiotics In Its Beef

While several large chicken producers and buyers have made efforts to reduce the non-medical use of antibiotics, the beef industry has not been as quick to respond to growing concern among the medical community, and consumers at large, about the overuse of these medically important drugs in cows. But beef biggie Cargill has announced a plan to cut back on the vital antibiotics it provides to its bovines. [More]