Photos: WalMart Won’t Sell Sinful Mardi Gras Ribbon

We earlier reported that a Missouri Wal-Mart might be refusing to stock ribbons useable for Mardi Gras decorations. Jon asserts that when he tried to buy purple ribbon, he was told Mardi Gras was immoral, un-Christian, caused rape, and he was escorted from the store by Wal-Mart employees.

These are some photos Jon later took to document his claim.

No purple ribbon visible. You can see larger versions of the pix, as well as compare them to Mardi Gras beads, at the online gallery Jon set up here. To corroborate his claim, however, we need an independent third party to physically enter the Wal-Mart located at 8301 No. Church Road, Kansas City, MO and verify the evidence.

The Wal-Mart [No Coast]

Now it’s become a consumer issue. Why won’t this Wal-Mart service the obvious needs of Mardis Gras ribbon-based craft? Ask for the manager at (816) 792-4644 and find out.


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