Photos: WalMart Won’t Sell Sinful Mardi Gras Ribbon

We earlier reported that a Missouri Wal-Mart might be refusing to stock ribbons useable for Mardi Gras decorations. Jon asserts that when he tried to buy purple ribbon, he was told Mardi Gras was immoral, un-Christian, caused rape, and he was escorted from the store by Wal-Mart employees.

These are some photos Jon later took to document his claim.

No purple ribbon visible. You can see larger versions of the pix, as well as compare them to Mardi Gras beads, at the online gallery Jon set up here. To corroborate his claim, however, we need an independent third party to physically enter the Wal-Mart located at 8301 No. Church Road, Kansas City, MO and verify the evidence.

The Wal-Mart [No Coast]

Now it’s become a consumer issue. Why won’t this Wal-Mart service the obvious needs of Mardis Gras ribbon-based craft? Ask for the manager at (816) 792-4644 and find out.



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  1. Spr1dle says:

    Perhaps this shows my ignorance as to how retail chains work, but does an individual Wal-Mart have any say in the products stocked in it? My guess would be that those decisions are made in some faraway corporate office.

    Could the reason that Wal-Mart doesn’t stock “Mardi Gras purple” in Liberty, Missouri, have something to do with the fact that residents of Liberty (Would they be called Libertarians? Or Libertines?) aren’t having very many Mardi Gras parties?

    Moreover, aren’t there other uses for that color of purple ribbon in the Midwest? It’s quite similar to the Kansas State school colors, for example.

    Having not been there, I can’t say whether some unknown employee saw a customer’s mention of Mardi Gras as an opportunity to “testify” about the evils of pre-Lenten festivals. But I’d think that there are more rational reasons for the lack of purple ribbon.

  2. Jay Levitt says:

    Ditto.. I think Consumerist is looking pretty silly urging us all to call Wal-Mart and complain instead of, say, doing some reporting and finding out their take on the situation.

    From that photo gallery, it’s clear that there ARE two different colors in stock that some might consider in the purple or violet families. It’s also clear that there is a wide range of colors used for the “purple” in Mardi Gras, because the colors of the beads and of the fabric are two entirely different colors. If I were less lazy, I’d do some color analysis and see if the ribbons aren’t closer to one of those two colors than those two are to each other. I think the types of ribbons they carry is unrelated to the zeal of some of their associates.

    I also see that they DO have ruby and olive and lilac and fawn, but no chocolate or mauve or cream or crimson. No silver, yes rose, no azure, no lemon, no russet, yes grey, no purple, yes white, yes pink, no orange, yes blue. So not only can you not make a complete Mardi Gras palette, they’ve also apparently got something against technicolor dreamcoats, which are inarguably Biblical. So they’re anti-Christian, too!

    Or, maybe, they just don’t have much of a ribbon selection.

  3. Kat2 says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again – if the ribbon is plain purple, why did he feel the need to tell Wal-Mart what he was using it for?

    If they don’t have the right shade of purple, quit griping and go to a real crafts store.

  4. Jay –

    A technicolor dreamcoat (specifically in the extremely thespian pallet you describe) is more gay than it is Christian, due to its Musical Theatre-ness.

    And why specifically purple? Gold and Green are Mardi Gras colors, too. If anything, they *should* stock purple, as the Purple at Mardi Gras is indicative of the coming forty days of fasting. Purple is a somber and said color for the Church. (Albeit a joyous and fabulous color for us homosexuals.)