Mercury Research says The Consumerist is a Radio Hata’

Apparently, we hate radios.

We hate radios because it’s “cool” to hate radios.

That’s according to Mark Ramsey of the Radio Marketing Nexus blog. His company, Mercury Radio Research, conducted the “HD Radio vs. iPod” poll we wrote about.

Mark says,

    “folks who don’t brush up on what they’re talking about only make themselves look like idiots when they post their stupid, half-cocked conclusions in public. If you want a biased presentation of alternatives, just see the way they present them: “gleaming, fresh iPod”? Of course, they’re only kidding. But hidden within that jest is a deep dislike for radio and the “establishment” it represents- a tune as old as James Dean and his chinos.”

We haven’t heard that tune. Anyone got the .mp3? We’d like to put it in our shimmering, verdant iPod. And a “deep dislike for radio” and The Man it represents? Not necessarily the most astute analysis of the data set, stat boys.

His company’s research, as reported in FMQB, a radio industry newsletter, found that people prefer HD radios over iPods, citing “usability.” They surveyed 1000 people across America. Last time, we ran our own poll and got 777 responses, let’s post it again and see if we can at least get as many as they.

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See also Mark’s original blog post, HD Radio preferred over iPods, which lays out some more data slices and critiques, such as, “this tradeoff is like asking folks which they’d rather have, an iron or an HD Radio?” and “It’s a little slice of PR…Nothing more.”


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  1. drsmith says:

    This is silly.

    IPod: Days and days worth of music I like.

    Radio(any form): Music I might like coupled with endless low-IQ DJ chatter and commercials.

    Yes, I hate the radio.

  2. LTS! says:

    This really only confirms just how full of shit the radio industry is with itself. They spout off on how much satellite radio sucks and how HD radio is so much better. They want to claim that iPods and their ilk are crap compared to HD radio.

    Seriously, is anyone knocking HD radio because of the technological capabilities? I’m sure HD radio sounds as fantastic as HDTV looks. But if the television was filled with stations dedicated to the best of Punky Brewster and Automan would you really want to watch it?

    If you take a dog turd and plate it with a side of a nice mushroom souffle, a hollindaise sauce and a $60 bottle of red do you really expect the turd to be any more palatable?

  3. A_B says:

    Your [the Editor] original rant was pretty weak. It didn’t really get to the substance of the poll, it didn’t critique the methodology, it just attacked those that conducted the poll as being inherently unable to conduct _any_ unbiased poll on radio.

    Ironically, this irresponsible consumer complaining is exactly what you claim to be against. To wit, here’s your criticism of Spurlock recently:

    “He’s everything we advocate against – irresponsible and duplicitous consumerist complaint. His various studies, “documentaries” and critiques are nothing but junk science lazily arranged to support presupposed conclusions.”

    That’s pretty much the approach you took in your “critique” of the radio poll. For example, do you really think posting your poll compares to a random sampling? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. But comments like:

    “They surveyed 1000 people across America. Last time, we ran our own poll and got 777 responses, let’s post it again and see if we can at least get as many as they.”

    Sounds like you don’t since you did the poll twice.

    This is every bit as much as “junk science” as Spurlock’s “let me eat McDonalds for 30 days and draw conclusions.” You’re both doing it at least partially for the sake of humor, but also trying to draw “legitimate” conclusions. You’re making an “irresponsible and duplicitous consumerist complaint.”

    Unless you’re ready to back up your criticism, I think that radio guy has you dead to rights. It’s clear you don’t like radio, but all you can muster to contradict him is to attack the messenger. How is that any better than Spurlock’s methodology that you never cease to criticize?

    I certainly would rather have an iPod over an HD-Radio. I think everyone I know would as well. So the survey doesn’t “ring true” to me. But I also voted for Kerry, as did everyone I know. And we know what happened there.

  4. Papercutninja says:

    Commercial radio stinks. Total suckitude. HD radio is possibly the dumbest idea EVER. Purchasing a separate EXPENSIVE receiver for the same 20 minutes of commercials (an hour) in “high definition digital quality”? That’s just retarded. FUCK YOU RADIO NERDS.

    The survey is obviously skewed to please ClearChannel, who own the most radio stations in the country. Way to promote diversification by buying up small local stations and using them as repeaters for your shitty-ass programming.

    OOOH multiple feeds in HD? i wonder if i can listen to J. Lo on ALL of them, or does the payola only apply to one station at a time?

    We hate radios because we LOVE MUSIC.

  5. etinterrapax says:

    Okay, this just gets more amusing as it upsets them that the Consumerist lighthearted survey brings different results from their “lighthearted survey.” People can dislike radio for reasons apart from the technology used to deliver it. I like music that sucks, but I don’t like the same sucky music as the radio purveyors of sucky music do, and sometimes I just want what I want. I also like audiobooks, and no radio station that I know has dashed over to pander to that quirk. So this diatribe convinces me that these guys really just enjoy the sounds of their own voices and are chagrined that everyone else doesn’t feel the same way.

  6. Transuranic says:

    radio that doesn’t suck == user supported. == . I’m just sayin’.

  7. Brian Gee says:

    I think he’s just pointing out how easy it is to stack a poll.

    I mean, seriously, this poll is probably accurate to about 13%, since apparently 13% (at least as of right now) of Consumerist readers are either lying or retarded.

    Industry-sponsored, marketing-driven polls are meaningless.

  8. L_Emmerdeur says:

    If HD radio is that hot, why don’t they put their money where their mouth is, open up some slave-labor factories in China, produce a few tens of million HD radios, and sell them for anywhere from $100-$400.

    Cuz I’m sure the cheapskates who listen to idiot DJs are waiting to spend that kind of money on a freaking radio.

  9. 700WLW says:

    HD Radio is a joke and a failure – there is NO public interest in this farse. HD Radio sales are anemic, and the assholes at iBiquity have missed another Christmas – but wait, the Real Big HD Radio Rollout isn’t until 2009 ! I am sick and tired of hearing the dumbass HD Radio commercials – oh, “Discover It!”. Discover that you need dipole and loop antennas to have a hell’s chance in even picking up the HD side-channels of redundant terrestrial radio ! HD Radio is total B.S. !